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Saw a couple of mountains leaving Seattle today. Hello Baltimore! 🙂

happyhiker1 7 June 12

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It is always an amazing experience to fly into Seattle from the east (or south) and then to get turbulence and realize it is because of the Cascades. Sometimes the plane flies close to Mt. Rainier and you feel you can almost touch it. If you're a first time visitor and in the right part of the plane it can be an unforgettable experience.

I remember leaving Dallas at night and seeing a huge flat area of nothing but lights. Coming into Seattle at night is also interesting in that the lights are often hidden in the trees and hills an one gets blinking lights when approaching the city. All the water are areas of black intermingled among the flashing lights and lit up bridges. but then there's a lit up downtown on one edge of the black which also makes it a unique view.


News flash from Washington State. ..............
A resident of Washington reported a large hole where Mt Rainier was last seen and large footprints and boulders were observed trailing the last known location of the mountain.
The State Patrol and local police have put out an all points bulletin and have requested any sightings be reported.


Whee do you think the mountains were going? 🤣



I never tire of seeing Mt McKinley or Denali as we call it. It is visible from Anchorage on a clear day and that is 180 miles away !

I got to go to Anchorage last spring. It was AMAZING!

You better chain it down. It may creep off to Russia.

@happyhiker1 Be prepared. Take a eyecover thingie to block the light at night. I couldn't sleep for six days and came back sick. But it was Great!


Be safe


I have to ask just how the mountains were being transported lol?

azzow2 Level 9 June 12, 2019

@happyhiker1 Made me laugh, often I write thoughts instead of proper grammar structure.

@happyhiker1 In poetry often grammar rules are broken. I have written a lot of poems.

Feet, what else.

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