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Are their any normal functioning, real guys out their! having been on tinder, my hopes are fading. It feels more like a Donald Trump world! god help me, oh thats right their is no god. I'm on my own. Any suggestions! help!

BeKind19 4 June 17

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I've always wanted to move to New Zealand. But I'm probably too old for you!


Suggestion: Move to Puerto Rico. I am here!
But let me tell you about a few problems:
1: I am not a normal functioning guy; I am too old for you; and, in fact, I may not be real at all
2. It is a Donald Trump world!!! [But Jesus is coming soon. So, be patient... You will meet a handsome, virile and sexy angel or cherubim in heaven.]
3. Puerto Rico sucks. So, don't come.
4. Good luck! [But as god, luck does not exist, either.] So, "never surrender, never give up". You are still young.


Go to your home page;

Then click on My Account

Then click Profile Questions

Then click "how far will you travel to meet someone" and change your range from world-wide to a range that fits your tastes....mine is less than 20 miles.


Tinder must work for some, to find a life partner. I've never tried it myself, but as a wedding celebrant, I've married a few couples who met on Tinder. (Agnostic/Atheist couples - since that's the only kind of wedding I do.)

Their is I know. I have just had bad experiences


I'm one but I'm probably a little too old for you and live half a world away. Also, the good ones will probably look more average than the ones you are attracted to.


I'm a normal functioning, real guy:


I live 10,000 miles away from you.
I'm allergic to dogs.

Good luck finding someone closer to home!

BD66 Level 7 June 18, 2019

Given the fact you live in New Zealand, and I know nothing of the culture of New Zealand, l have no clue. In the United States, my guess is there are probably a couple of dozen spread across the land, not including Alaska and Hawaii. 🙂


Through Fitness Singles, I began dating a medical doctor with a private plane in late 2017. Bill sent me a message.

"Where do you want to go?" Bill asks. Over the Cascade Mountains where I love to hike!

A competitive bicycle rider, Bill is 10 years younger than me. Bill is fit, funny, kind, patient and an extraordinary lover. He adores me. The feeling is mutual.

I feel lucky.


Deceptive Advertising

Through online dating, I met 125 to 150 men ages 50-65. Eighty percent of men (and women) post old photos and lie about their age, marital status, height, activities, etc. Often I don’t recognize the person who shows up.

All of the men wanted a sex and fun partner. 50% pushed for sex on the first date.

Sixteen of the men never learned to cook. They want a mommy and great sex.

"Rescue Me"

"You can whip me into shape," overweight men say.

Novice hikers want me to teach them to hike. They like the idea of being in shape and hiking with me. But they lack motivation and discipline to exercise and eat healthy food.

"Kathleen you I would like to meet, " Doug wrote."You seem to be really full of life."

"I am a lot like you. Although of late my energy has been focused on side stepping depression. Divorce is very draining, but I look so forward to walking out of the frustration and shame and breathing once again.

I think I would enjoy being infected with your energy."

No thanks.

"I can take care of base camp while you hike to the top," Dennis said. Life is not Mt. Everest. I was shocked he had never seen the Milky Way.

150 Meets and Four Relationships

Had fun relationships with four men. Two former boyfriends became friends and hiking partners. New relationships unraveled when bad behavior emerged:

  1. Meanness
  2. Disrespect
  3. Expecting me to do all the cooking
  4. Lousy, selfish lover
  5. Constant criticism
  6. Commitment-phobic
  7. Thief and liar
  8. Constantly late, etc.

Because I was raised with good manners, I engage new men in conversation when we meet. I only stood up and walked out twice, when a man:

  1. Got drunk and verbally abusive; and
  2. Asked me to join him in group sex.

The hardest thing for me is when men act withdrawn and shy. With a conversational dud, I quickly grow bored.

Timing and intentions are critical in dating and relationships.

wow, so much of what you say it what I have been experiencing. I admire your determination and patience though! incredible 🙂 thanks for sharing


Here's one ... stay off Tinder


Yes we're out here!


Plenty of us around but can't speak for where you are here plenty who would be nice for you

bobwjr Level 9 June 17, 2019

Whats a Donald Trump world?

gater Level 7 June 17, 2019

A fake one


What in the world is a "normal functioning, real guy"?

1of5 Level 8 June 17, 2019

One that doesn’t make up false profiles and is genuine 😊

@BeKind19 hate to break it to you, but... 🙂


Oh dear! Avoid Tinder ... at all costs. Join sites that at least offer more than swiping pictures (those are hookup sites, only.) Other than that? It's tough ... you need to be pretty thick skinned to delve into online meeting/dating. Good luck. 🙂

My first thought as well, Tinder is specifically for hookups, almost any other dating site would be better for you, Bekind. And be ready for a slog, for reasons of simple math people who have trouble with relationships are over represented.

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