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Does anyone else miss their former faith in here. There are times I start missing the church and I end up going to church and then I'm fully reminded as to the reason that I'm an Atheist.



Kinda miss the pagentry at Christmas and Easter, but I couldn't put up with the rest of it. Bad enough to have to sit thru the ocasional wedding or funeral.


The only thing I ever miss about my former faith is that the women made some damn good casseroles.



I don't miss Christianity itself, but I do miss the convenience of a readymade community. It's hard to really connect with people when my life is work and home lol. I also miss the activities, like singing in the choir. There are secular options, but none that work with my schedule. Part of why I joined this site was just to make new friends that have similar values.


I never miss it. Not one bit.


Have you tried the MeetUp app?


No. Thinking back, I never found enjoyment in attending church, reciting the rosary, kneeling...sitting...standing...kneeling...sitting...standing during mass, making up sins just so that I have something to say at confessions, listening to parables (which I never found enlightening).

The only interest I ever had with Catholicism was the idea that priests had "super powers" in regards to exorcism. I probably picked this idea up after watching the movie.

I agree.


nope, not a bit


I don't miss my faith. And for a while I tried going to a Unitarian Universalist church for the community, and the music. Now I get my music other ways. Even UU services were just too churchy for me. And I have lots of other options for community, including this one!



My brother and his wife live in Bethel, Alaska. If you miss the social connection, you can check online or the library bulletin board to see when local groups meet that share your interests. Join a dance class, a hiking or bird watching group, a kayacking group, book club, etc.

If you finish writing your profile and answering the profile questions, people here can get to know you better, and you'll earn points.

Okay. Thanks.


You are missing the social group interaction. Find some other social events and groups to attend. There are lots of different things that you might be interested in and haven't tried yet.

Thanks for the advice.


I imagine you are missing the social aspect of what the church membership offers.

That sounds extremely likely.

Yeah, I guess there is a chance that I miss the social interaction I was engaged in there.

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