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A little over a week ago, the cat that has been my constant friend for over a decade had a massive heart attack in my arms and passed seconds later. My home and my heart have felt so empty since then, so I went to a local rescue on Saturday in hopes of finding a new friend and I fell in love. Meet Randall P. McMeowrphy, Mac for short. We had a hell of a time catching him at the rescue, but he’s now resting comfortably with a life-sized stuffed Yoda. He’s a former feral and is still working on coming out of his shell, so he’ll be getting extra adjustment time hanging out in my nerd room. Luckily, there will be no Nurse Ratched’s here! It also happens that the prints I ordered of Tobus McGee, my little fuzzball that passed away, came in today, so I was able to put the last pic I took of him in his urn. My heart still hurts.

Leeshi 7 June 18

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So sorry they are a great comfort


Aww that's rough. I lost my kitty Orion that way. One second fine - the next massive heart attack. I had a very bad time with that death.

My reaction to losing a pet has been to honor their memory by quickly giving another rescue kitty a home. Okay and I do tell stories about my cats. Tough luck innocent bystanders!

I'm glad you found R.P.! 💜 And he found you!💙

Thank you. There will never be another cat like The McGee, but helping Mr. McMeowrphy adjust has helped get my mind off of it a bit


The sad reality of having cats and dogs as pets is that we will outlive them, many times. Losing your cat to a stroke (probably) is, of course, completely shocking and unexpected. The same thing happened to me with a cat we had. He was a big, fluffy Rag Doll cat named Percy. Probably the most chill cat I ever owned. We were all sitting in front of the PC one night watching some silly cat videos (when they were a big thing on FB) and Percy was behind us on the arm of the couch. We heard an odd sound come from him and, at first, we thought it was a reaction to the videos. We soon realized he was in trouble and was struggling to breathe (he wasn't choking). This took place late in the evening so we rushed him to a 24HR pet hospital where he died. Their best guess at cause of death was stroke. He was only around 5 yrs old. =[ I'm sorry for your loss, but it looks like you're making the best of it. I love your name choice. =]


MacMurf such a gorgeous coal lover ....when love enters our lives it is just as powerful as when love lives leave us.....5 years 6 months 14 days my Laila has been at my side as she is now 5:23 a.m.....Tobus McGee ....there is a cat heaven's where you last lived with Leeshi


You will love him just as you loved the other one.

I don’t think any cat can ever compare to the one I lost. He was truly special. For the past 4 decades, I have cared for numerous cats, but The McGee was just...special. There is certainly room in my heart for others, but none can take the place of my little reformed street thug.


Thank you for turning your grief into compassion for a former feral!

Carin Level 8 June 19, 2019

It’s always felt weird accepting thanks for rescuing a pet, because, honestly, they’re more rescuing me. Do I battle constantly against hair on my clothes? Yes. Do I have to scoop waste from a box? Yes. Do I get to watch this incredible little goofball find joy in red dots and fake mice? Damn right! I count myself lucky to be able to give any pet a home


So sorry for your loss. Happy that you and Mac found one another. He is a lucky boy to have found a patient human.

Thank you. I feel pretty lucky to have found him


So sorry about your kitty. I got my favorite cat at the shelter.

Thank you


I know your hurt. Last fall Lucy our rescue Parsons Terrier died of liver problems. She had been with us for fifteen years. I still miss her greatly. Last Thanksgiving weekend we rescued a small Maltese from the local SPCA who had been abused. We had a few rocky months taming the little guy but six months of love and understanding have produced a loving companion and a new life for Ollie. Lucy can't be replaced but we have been rewarded with another loving, funny, companion. Look forward to your relationship with Mac.

Thank you. Your situation sounds so much like what I’m going through. I hope that in 6 months time, Mac will have learned that his human only has love to give him.


So sorry very sad

bobwjr Level 9 June 18, 2019

Thank you

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