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To have loved and lost. Yeah that'd be me. A couple of weeks ago I lost out on someone who I felt strongly about. I liked her. A lot. Did I love her? (Does it matter?) Probably. I'm not sure.

But here's my point.... what was gained. In my heart I felt so good! I looked forward to precious time with her ( Very little...full story, long story, got complicated). I felt alive, with meaning and with hope.
I know that I am capable of real, true feelings. They've been presented to me.

Altho the hurt is deep I know it's temporary and better days are coming. There's a better Me out there now.

twill 7 June 19

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I think we have all been there. put it down to experience


At almost 67, my last relationship let me know that in reality, I don't want a serious relationship.

Hmmm, Now that you mention it.....

@twill I can't imagine living with someone. I am quite comfortable and happy being by myself. Most people get lonely, and it is not the life for most.


I'm glad you are finding a silver lining!

Carin Level 8 June 19, 2019

Hope you find it again. Being in love rocks!

1of5 Level 8 June 19, 2019

I'll be Bock!


I find, at this age (68) that there are still women I could get infatuated with if I let It is a good feeling but the realism of life is an anchor that weighs on my soul and makes a speedbump that causes me to go slow. Good luck though.


All this loss will pass too.

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