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Don't let the wool pulled over the eyes of the American public by what is happening in Iran. Trump has deliberately been ramping up the pressure on Iran, knowing that that nation would feel compelled to take some retaliatory action. When they do act out against the pressure, Trump can draw attention to that to distract from the public focus on his own misconduct.

Trump's action is simply more proof of Hans Morgenthau's foreign policy postulation made in the 1940s: "The degree of aggressive nationalism and imperialism expressed in a nation's foreign policy is inversely proportional to he political and economic itability that country is experiencing." Trump is deliberately creating another diversion which he can use at his convenience.

wordywalt 9 June 20

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Hopefully the "some of the people" that he fooled some of last time are enough to swing the election back to sanity. Those 35-40% that want to be fooled all the time, or turn the clock back to a time that, if it ever existed at all, is over.

My dad has been a die-hard Trump supporter for three years now. Only in the last few weeks has he seemed to resign himself that Trump will lose. He got a campaign donation request in the mail and threw it away, and has now finally admitted, "Well, Trump may be an asshole, but he's our asshole," although the enthusiasm is gone. For three years he wouldn't admit Trump had any faults at all. Now he's "an asshole" but apparently that's ok.

The continued support of his base is nothing short of disgusting. These are the people who claim to be patriots, but are aiding and abetting Trump's continued damaging of our country on a daily basis.

@wordywalt I know my dad as well as anyone, and all I can say is that he seems mostly motivated politically by fear at this point. He has PTSD from Vietnam, and some manic depression. Once all the news channels started covering Trump's campaign with wall-to-wall coverage, he eventually ended up on Fox News 24/7, and that's where he stayed. It daily/hourly stokes his fear, paranoia, and anger. But a bit of that seems to be waning in the last month as he seems to think Trump will lose. It's almost as if Fox News was his favorite tv show that has gotten old and boring. He still watches several hours a day, though. Reminds me of how my great-grandparents listened to Rush Limbaugh 30 years ago, terrified of blacks and hippies.


As it has been every day for the last two-and-a-half years it is the "diversion of the day"

On target!


Shia Islam is one of the great drivers in the world against Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism, and Trump wants to make war on it? We're in even worse shape than I thought possible.

Gareth Level 7 June 20, 2019

Trump says today that he thinks Iran made a mistake and it will all work out.

Does that make you happy?


Used the shadow of war to gain favor as the defender of our country from a threat which only can be provoked by shear moronic stupidity!

In place of his true role as a scripted reality tv host, who is actually Dismantling, rescinding, hence destroying all of our institutions that are defenders of our safeguards and protections!

Absolutely correct!


After watching what happened to Iraq, I don't think they have much choice

twill Level 7 June 20, 2019

You don't think who had much choice. Please clarify your statement.

@wordywalt I don't think the Iranians have much choice but to prepare for the worst possible scenario

@twill I know that it may too much to expect of Trump, but -- for once -- I hope he acts with reasoned judgment and sanity.


Bomb bomb bomb bomb iran.
Which presidential hopeful had that catchy slogan.


Saddle up! Time to go do some nation building!!

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