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I heard someone say “This is not who we are.” They were wrong...this is exactly who we are, who we have always been. We did this to black folks...we stole their children and made them slaves. We did this to Japanese folks...we locked them in cages. Don’t tell me this is not who we are because as we sit idly by, this will keep happening. THIS is America.

BohoHeathen 8 June 23

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Yep. Americans have been deluded and conned into thinking America is the good guy. Not since world war 2. America since then has been self righteous, condescending and in many cases downright evil. There is still time for us to change our ways.


Is this ONLY America? I think it's more like a world wide thing.
At the same time, the powers that be want free trade agreements and maximum freedom of movement for money and merchandise. But for people, it's walls, bullets and bombs. People are treated like livestock and those borders are our fences.
I find it sad to see how badly they want to cut the north and the south apart, either at the Rio Grande river or at the Mediterranean sea.


We did some bad things to Japanese citizens during WW2, but it’s a bit unfair to say we locked them in cages.

We forceably took them from their homes, designated them as potential criminals, denied them the right to pursue their career, detained them in camps. Stops just short of shooting them. Can you imagine how that negativity impacted the rest of their lives, and all in the name of bigotry and hate. Things don’t seem to change much.

@banton I’m not sure how you interpreted my comment in order to evoke that response.


We have done it continuously to Native Americans since our ancestors landed here. They are just in the process of returning remains of Native children who were taken from their homes to be Culturally transformed into “civilized” children. If they died, they were buried on site and never returned to their families until now, hundred of years later. Not to mention forced death marches from Eastern States to reservations in the west.


What I don't understand, or, should I write "what I don't agree with", is the word "we". Who is "we"? In USA there are good people and bad people. Neither of them is "America". There are those who are racist, intolerant, maybe even evil; and there are those who love their neighbors and even fight for their rights. Which one is "America"?
In my dilettante opinion, USA is, obviously, not "superior" to other countries, but it is a lot better than many of them. Sure, there was/is slavery, and oppression, and racism, but this is also the country that gifted the world with figures like John Adams, Lincoln, Luther King, Muhammad Ali, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Trumpism is not America, and is not what "we" are. We are not, and will never be perfect. But we are a whole lot better than a bunch of other countries!


It has been most of the history of this country.....


Yes indeedy💓💓💓


It's like we're just people instead of these extrodinary creatures our minds fantasize about. Yes this is us, no different than everyone else in the world.

1of5 Level 8 June 23, 2019

and more than you mentioned

btroje Level 9 June 23, 2019

How old does one have to be to call people "folks"? I have never done that neither have any of my friends. It's some kind of southern thing or what?

Darlin, there in TENNN eh sea y'all say folks blezz yur hart

@BohoHeathen USA is racist by Vatican plan 50 years b4 Columbus

@BohoHeathen it indeed is odd. But I do say folks. 🙂

@GreenAtheist Maybe other "folks" do but I moved from NH to Fl to TN so I don't get the folks thing at all. Sounds like Amish talking.

@GreenAtheist I know how to read and comprehend. Why do you think that's all I got from the post? I know how the Mexican children are being treated. It's all over FB and the news. I don't live under a rock.

@K9Kohle789 @bohoheathen was wondering about your limited response...I am enjoying the drawl texting ....eyes a yankee from eye oh way escapin from good ol boys suthrn haunts (Iowa)

@K9Kohle789 Amish are's tha yankees who don't speak American lak we'all speak down yonder


We are earning the old tag of " ugly American "

Buddha Level 8 June 23, 2019


Buddha Level 8 June 23, 2019

Dying in desert heat is like dying of radiation cancer you're dead both ways


TEPCO profits are sacred and the whole world is being nuked at Fukishima zero people are covering up the nuke with concrete or lead since the MELTDOWN began March 2011 and Ft Calhoun Nebraska melting down June 2011 was covered up by gangster ObushaObombney himself ordering a no fly zone over the nuke north of Omaha


Not everyone but too many tolerate this Bullshit we should be ashamed

bobwjr Level 9 June 23, 2019
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