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The hardest part of divorce. . . Finding and removing the dead mice on your own.

ElusiveMoby 7 June 24

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Since I live too far away to help, get a cat.

My dog would eat the cat. I'll just have to toughen up some more.

@ElusiveMoby That would depend on the cat.

@Sofabeast I need to find an aggressive cat!


Sigh. This has always been my job, having the strongest stomach in the family. Half a mouse left by the cat? Jeff will sort it. Bird wedged in the grill of the car? Jeff again. Rotting cat food, weird bugs in the pool, spiders (and this was in Australia, so serious spiders) - as a child I dealt with them all.
This has continued into adulthood. I've broken the necks of chewed up Indian Mynahs, removed grass snakes, caught and released innumerable spiders - frankly, when nappy time came around, I was already thoroughly broken in.

Too many of us women save all the disgusting tasks for men.


Learning to kill those big millipedes in the bathtub at 3am...thank goodness for Orkin!

My biggest fear is Daddy long legged spiders and black widows. Just seeing the pics of them on the poison cans gives me chills. Still, I'm so grateful for products like Orkin.

@ElusiveMoby Daddy long legs are harmless.

@heymoe2001 daddylong legs are Not harmless, certain ones have a bite that will put you in the hospital!


I've often times wondered if I were to die, who would remove the trash from the house?
in any partnership one partner starts doing something and it becomes our job, it's easy to forget about how important that job can be as you rebuild your life you will find that there are many little things you'll rembor about your ex partner.
I humbly recommend that you concentrate on the good things and make do with the bad.

m16566 Level 7 June 24, 2019

Yup all alone

bobwjr Level 10 June 24, 2019

You murdered a poor innocent mouse!!!!

It was either me or her😃

@ElusiveMoby should have gone to arbitration - caught the mouse unawares and transported to foreign land (next door)

@ShadowAmicus Didn't have it on my checklist. Totally forgot!

@ElusiveMoby I will look at the statutes and propose a suitable punishment

@ShadowAmicus You wish to punish me?

@ElusiveMoby 1. you must have 2 pet mice for a year
2. you must house and care for any baby mice they produce
3. daily tickling with a feather duster

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