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Where's the Love? I'm here for almost two months and I see no bitterness or hatred re cants, lack of misunderstandings. A World without Religion can do this and to this I will positively aver that all of our immediate conflicts and disasters, wars, poverty, disease and bigotry and hatred all stem from having a belief. Can I get an Amen to be in Chime with or Following. No Collection will follow so feel free to let it ring. I'm Listening.

Nevermind345 7 Mar 14

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How bout a "right on", brother!


You can get a big DARWIN from me on this, @Nevermind345


I have pretty thick skin,and there's almost always someone who has my back. Life is too short to get your garters in a knot. People are. I usually just shake my head and move on. Sometimes though, I shake my head so often I get dizzy.

The English expression is: get your knickers in a twist.


I dunno. Most of our political leaders, oligarchs, world leaders probably don't believe in god at all, yet manage to be evil. If they give religion lip service, they are only following Machiavelli's advice in The Prince, to pretend to be religious to gain support.

Brilliant book. I can see why it was banned.


I've got quite a few people blocked.


There is the block, and I know I have been blocked. I don't block people, for while I may have a spirited disagreement with someone, I may agree with them on another subject and would like to let them know. The main reason I am on this site is to hear different points of view. Some people bring up subjects that I haven't thought of and it has opened my eyes to that subject.

@Keyboard-Mama It's not that hard. Sarcasm and selfdeprication don't always translate well in this medium.


There are plenty among us who have arguments, disagreements, and general misunderstandings. I sincerely doubt that any group of people would always be in complete agreement about everything.
The main thing we have in common, and the one thing we tend not to disagree about, is our lack of belief in gods and religion.
Everything else is pretty much fair game. As it should be.


We're human. It's here. I've experienced it.

It's just that we have the ability to "block" people and thus said bitterness is prevented by blocking people that would otherwise annoy us.

Thank Buddha for the block. Or, Zeus...or, whoever.

@Condor5 don't thank Zeus for it...
He might try to bang it. Just saying...
That guy can't keep it in his pants.

Isn't that FB Shit where you curse and yell threats.


Hallelujah Thank YA Cheeses!! (Said like Burt Lancaster in Elmer Gantry)


I am not sure what you mean. Are you bemoaning a lack of love/understanding on the part of people on this site?

I'm commenting on the acceptance that we or I thought we did extend to each other by not using racial, sexist, demonic slurs at each other which you encounter on FB.

@Nevermind345 My friends on FB are neither sexist nor racist, so any I encounter are the trolls on political pages that I follow. As for people not being racist or sexist on this site, some are quite sexist--haven't seen any racist so far. However, the hate toward religious people is just as bad as sexism or racism; I avoid those people and those types of posts.


Listening for?

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