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Institutions and Political Parties don't get to dictate how Jews use the lessons of the Holocaust. Many of us in Jewish by Culture believe Trumpism mimics Nazism. If you see the similarities then you are cordially invited to join our group Jewish by Culture.

sassygirl3869 9 July 11

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I think it is a case of monopolising suffering. Like the black monopolisation of slavery, this is a monopolisation of the concentration camp. I don’t think using the camps works in this situation because nobody would dare claim Trump intends to murder all the inmates. Of course it is dreadful, as was the incarceration of British troops in the Far East under the Japanese and the Japanese concentrated in camps in America during WW2. As for who has a legitimate claim to say how the Holocaust narrative should be used, I would imagine that ‘where you have two Jews, you will always have three opinions’ will always hold true.

good point -however most of my Jewish members seem to agree with me.

@sassygirl3869 Nonetheless, you must admit that doesn't mean you're right.


To me, the most disturbing part of this, is the number of neo-brownshirts emerging.

I think your reference went right over their heads.

@BD66 they may not wear Brownshirts but they wear MAGA hats.

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