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I need good time wasters folks.

My sister broke her ankle in three places (ok and dislocated it too) - she's going to be recovering for a year. Right now she needs distraction from the pain.

What do you watch or do when you need distraction?
Links appreciated!

RavenCT 9 July 14

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You can laugh at this if you want her a guitar or ukulele. It's fun, and it doesn't matter what age you are. Anyone can learn. There are tutorials all over YouTube...good ones. I use them all the time for different solo pieces, etc.


Backgammon. On a real board or on an app. Great game, easy to learn.

Wrytyr Level 7 July 15, 2019

I have some board games and I could meet up with her virtually to play - that would rock.


Headphones & music. Concentrate on listening.


Fourteen years ago, I underwent two back surgeries. After each, I spent at least a week, prostate on a couch, too doped up with painkillers to do much of anything. What did i do for amusement? I watched tv! Something I'd rarely done in the preceding twenty years! And I discovered it had only gotten worse over that time! But I did learn to use the channel-flicker gadget! But tv aside, there are loads of free browser games on the internet. And there are crossword puzzles to work. And she could always come on this site, to vent her aggravations!

All true!

I think she won't want to go out much for the first weeks. Those are the ones I want to help her fill.

I even can recommend some good 📺! The dawn of competitive tv has raised the game.

And don't think I haven't thought of dragging her here. lol


Crochet is actually a good way to "lose yourself" for awhile

I know how - I def. could show her how.


Thanks! I'll add those to her recovery page!


Oh your poor sister!! Hope she has a laptop, plenty of distraction online, Solitaire is a good one for me. I also knit, crochet, cross stitch, I've tried tatting (that made me kinda crazy, I needed a personal demonstration), good books, and if all else fails Cable TV as long as it isn't Faux News.

She does play cards online. And yes she has a laptop and an iPhone.

I'll have too see if there's a handicraft she'd get into? She knew embroidery when she was young.


When I broke my leg in high school, I knitted a sweater and read books for six weeks. I love watching Netflix now and talking about the things my friends and I see. We recommend our favorites to each other. Playing dominoes or other games stimulates conversation among friends. You could go on excursions--maybe a picnic. I highly recommend reading books for the challenge--a productive pastime ideal for when you aren't attempting something a tad more active. I know safe healing is important.


Marvel series of superheroes

bobwjr Level 9 July 15, 2019

This is the time for her husband to turn her into one of US! Good idea.

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