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I think most agnostics are are democrats. Select yes if you are a democrat, no for a Republican, and select number three if you are an independent. Thanks.

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Grecio 7 July 30

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The problem is, an independent apparently can't win. I like to vote for the issues, but I usually fall somewhere in between Rep. and Dems. Like, I believe in pro-choice for abortion, but I believe in closed borders. I believe in better equality for incomes, and probably Medicare for all. I am not a socialist I don't believe this country was founded on God and Christianity.


You need a 4th category.... those who realize vote doesn't matter, so like George Carlin we do something more productive with our time.


Though I find most democrats who are working for us to be wanting, at this time I think it is important to go to one side showing support for them over Repubs.


I'm an independent but definitely tend to vote for democrats. I strongly dislike conservatism.

Carin Level 8 Aug 5, 2019

Independent who will under no circumstances vote "R", until they morph back into a party with the public interest front-and-center...


I am an atheist and registered as a democrat.


I don't see any way a three party system could work. What about term limits? Is that a good idea?? I don't know.


Democrats are the thinking compassionate people

bobwjr Level 9 July 30, 2019

Everything democrats believe in isn't bad. I believe in healthcare for all, but not open borders. I don't believe in funding immigrants when there are so many poor Americans here. Let's take care of our own first. We don't need Islam in the USA because they don't believe in the separation of church and state (most of them). We need to take care of our planet but the rest of the world has to cooperate with us. The trickle-down theory doesn't work. A $15 minimum wage will drive many small businesses into bankruptcy. We need democrats to stop playing the race card.


The next US election is not that far away.

How do we know you're not a Russian spy collecting data to tamper with the next election too?


Athena Level 8 July 30, 2019

Hahahahahah good one.

We might hire the Russians to manage our next election. They seem to be savvier with computers and the internet. The best computer geeks earn millions of dollars, but the USA government can't afford them.


I am a social democrat. The majority of both Republicans and Democrats are criminals.

You are a Australian, right? How dare you make such an ignorant blanket statement!

@Varn Can't you read, are you blind, don't you see what they are voting for? Or are you just being sarcastic.


Moderate I agree and disagree with both major parties. I also believe that being a free country that everyone has the right to determine the hoodwinking all politicians try to cram down our throats.

azzow2 Level 9 July 30, 2019

all politicians”? I listened to and met one last night - I’d put her life work and worth up against anyone making such an ignorant claim. Think you’d stand up?

@Varn I would, they will say anything you want to hear just to get elected.

@azzow2 Not this one.. Often times we’ll nearly beg the best to run. This one’s in to health care advocacy, having won an award also recently won by our US Senator. She’s for real, nearly coming to tears describing her passion and reasons for running, while bringing some of us close to the same.

“I hate ...Hate asking for money” she said! … as her wealthy Republican businessman will likely blow her off the political map… I’m gonna give her some.. She’s real. And so are/ were many magnificent people I’ve volunteered for. The problem is, the good one’s don’t win as often as they should … leaving some real assholes in office. I can understand how you’d paint them ‘all the same,’ but if you get involved, you’ll find they’re not.

@Varn Christine Todd Whitman was the governor of New Jersey. She had created many jobs by enacting a law that only gestation employees can pump gas. This is a very smart way to employ people to boost income tax in take. She did not claim a lot of credit for this. Like you say there are some good ones it is rare to find the ones not corrupted by by capital and power.

@azzow2 I'm sorry. What is a gestation employee?

@Grecio My mistake I think my kindle created that word lol. I had seen you worked for Miller Brewing. I had worked for Stroh's. Stroh`s was sold to Pabst, Pabst sold all it labels to Miller to avoid an antitrust lawsuit from Coors and Anheuser Busch. I had worked at the last Strohs/Pabst brewer in Fogvills vill Pennsylvania(closed in 2001) We were brewing Sam Adams Beer and Yingling. I worked in the bottle shop and keg room.

@azzow2 I am afraid the I was at the lesser valued two-piece aluminum can plant. We didn't have the nectar. I did visit the brewery in Albany, Ga. numerous times to troubleshoot problems with cans. What a delicious aroma in the breweries. Miller was owned by Phillip Morris at the time but I think later sold.. I am retired now. We made 3,000,000 cans per day, only 12 ounces.

@Grecio I had run the can machines fillers, hycone packers, depalettizers. The cans lines were not my favorite machines. Sometimes you would get a train wreck in the filler conveyors, it would stop the production for hours.

@azzow2 Yea, we got back-charged for down-time caused by our cans. You know, cans aren't that easily made. Sometimes the ink falls off, the internal coatings peel off, dents, missing over-varnish, dome reversals, and pin-holes. We also made the lids for a while (and a few leakers).


I’ve always favored less government and believe in free enterprise so I am a conservative republican.

Oh, yeah because Republicans are so good for everyone.

That has never worked except for the 1%.


#4 The Human Party


Over my life I have been registered in each of the three parties. I am open-minded and always wanting to learn more. Right now I just want a candidate who will..
-respect the constitution
-champion ALL Americans
-care about our planet
There are more but I think these basic are the foundation of what I am looking for in a leader.

Trump has appointed constitutional scholars who respect the constitution. Obama on the other hand appointed liberal judges who like to legislate from the bench.

It doesn’t matter who he appoints when he himself does not respect check and balances and treats the office of the presidency as if it has more power than the other two branches. The Supreme Court has 9 judges, five conservatives, and 4 liberals ,,,are you advocating for the courts to be less balanced?

@StarvingArtist Seeing as the liberals like to legislate from the bench I’d like to get rid of a couple more of the liberals at least, especially Ginsburg and Breyer. Maybe Trump will get to replace them after he wins again in 2020. Sonameyer and Keegan are also sorry judges but it might be awhile before the conservatives get a chance to replace those 2. A 7-2 conservative majority should suffice for awhile.

I simply disagree, I think a balance of opinions and view points, are good for all the people. Dictatorship,,,,not good!


Yes, I am a Dem but I am not an agnostic. Atheist is my label of choice.


Independent, and staying that way!

Hastur Level 8 July 30, 2019

Independant/ libertarian.


#4 Green Party

Please name one Green Party President 😟 ...that’s why I quit tossing away my vote for them ..decades ago.

@Varn That's not the point. The point is to vote your conscience. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil. 😉

@dare2dream Tossing your opportunity to choose a candidate, then a president placing your conscience above reality. Thanks for nothing 😉

@Varn Here's the scenario. Clinton vs Trump in 2016. I wanted anyone BUT Trump but California always goes to the Democrats. My vote for Clinton would have been a drop in an over flowing bucket. Clinton didn't need me. A wasted vote if there ever was one. Instead, I voted to boost the party that really reflects my interests as part of the effort to grow the party.

@Varn In my hast I forgot to mention that California is Winner Take All state; Any candidate who wins over 50% gets ALL the delegates in the Electorial College.

@dare2dream Problem is, The Greens are a ‘party’ going nowhere - we do not have a Parliamentary System. Loads of folks across the nation knew trump wasn’t going to win, so felt free to ‘vote their conscience,’ or not at all..

In OR you need to be registered with a party to vote in it’s primary. Determining ‘which green was greenest’ was definitely a waste of my vote. As a registered Dem, I got to help choose the eventual presidential candidate.

In VA, my new home, there is no party affiliation, we’ve ‘open primaries.’ Tossing my vote with a Green would simply waste it, leaving no say on a viable candidate. And, there’s no way I’d have tossed it to the Green in 2016, though HRC (and Tim Kaine) took the state.

Do you register with a party in CA? If so, are you registered Green? ..and if so.. I fully understand why you're not watching the debates (right now), you’d have no say 🙂


AMERICANIZATION - really out of control on this site - the US is NOT the world.

Of course we are... just ask us.

Point taken.

I've seen a discussion somewhere on here about Brexit. I would love to learn about issues in Australia, Europe, New Zealand, anywhere. I think this shows we are an inclusive, worldwide web site.

@dare2dream I post a lot from Australia, NZ, S Africa, the Francophone world, and Europe on Ecology for our future. Join us?

@Allamanda I am sorry but ecology is boring to me. How about how their Muslim problems are going in Australia? (not trying to hurt your feelings, just being honest).

@Grecio I can't see how my feelings come into it, or why you would need to tell me your opinion of ecology here either.

@Allamanda I at least read what you wrote and found it interesting.


I am an independent but an independent can't win the presidential election so I have to choose. I voted for Trump, never thinking he would win. However, Hilary is a crook like her husband. Trump is a shitass but he does believe in enforcing the immigration laws of this country.

Grecio Level 7 July 30, 2019

You’d be my Exhibit A with regard to how trump got here.. ...I should ‘store your words’ ..for when another round of ‘open borders’ foolishness begins 😉

Regarding the Clinton's, I love em… They knew the speed at which the US could progress, how, and had the respect of the world - still do. How anyone could call them ‘crooks’ - and have voted for trump ... is likely the same mentality that feeds religion 😕

I am curious and would like to understand why you feel immigration is the top issue for you.

I think you voted right and yes I think immigration is definitely an important issue.

In that case perhaps you too should go back to your roots, unless you are a native Indian you to come from somewhere else.

@Grecio You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time. You are still being fooled.

@ToolGuy Evidently your the one whose being fooled.

@ToolGuy Why don’t you worry about getting rid of that liberal idiot Trudeau instead of US politics.

@StarvingArtist Well, the economy is doing well, although wages are low. Foreign policy is at a standstill. I believe in healthcare for all but the government would screw it up. Climate change is important, of course, but it's too boring and complicated.

@Trajan61 You mean why don’t I stay at home. That is a version of Trumpism “Go back to where you come from? Nice going. But unfortunately your stupid politics trickle across the border and pollute our political and economic discourse.

BTWI work at it all the time. I didn’t vote for Trudeau and won’t.

@Trajan61, @Grecio Climate change is a misnomer. It is Climate Crises. More and faster. Even Ralph Nader is saying that now.

@ToolGuy Agreed

@ToolGuy There are about 5 farces in the world. They are politics, education, healthcare, religion, and taxes.

@Grecio You forgot to put people like yourself on the list. Because you were a teacher — probably more of a pontificator — in a former life, you believe that you know more than anybody else without having ever done actual research and writing subject to peer review. Such a global statement is downright silly.

@ToolGuy I think most of what is written on this site is opinion. Everybody has an opinion. They are like assholes, everybody has one.

@Grecio But some opinions are informed by study, knowledge and research. Others are the Dunning-Kruger type. To dismiss the former by assuming that they are equivalent to the latter is wrong and shows a lack of thought.

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