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How inportant is a close personal relationship with a sex partner

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ShadowAmicus 7 Aug 2

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Tough question...that depends on the level of commitment and the type of sex. Recreational sex requires no personal relationship.

lerlo Level 8 Sep 1, 2019

The difference between having sex and making love.

Indeed - but is it not possible to make love with someone you hardly know, as in give pure physical pleasure to each other.

@ShadowAmicus of course, no rules for love. People fall in love with pet rocks ffs. And don't ask what people insert in their orifices for sexual pleasure.
Two separate things sex and love but best together


Depends on my objective at whatever phase of life I'm in ...

I do so like a woman who keeps her options open


I personally can't have sex without becoming attached. So, it may start out in a casual way, but if it continues for any length of time, and I want it to continue, I begin to become attached. I suppose this is due to brain chemistry, which increases greatly during times of intimacy. Once this happens, I believe my brain is changed in some way, either by forging new connections, or by becoming addicted to the chemicals. I don't know. I am undergoing such a relationship at the moment; it is dangerous for my well being, due to certain circumstances, and I don't know how to stop it. :'( Christians might say "turn it over to God", but an agnostic like me has to live with this attachment in every cell in my brain, and it's very tough.


I won't enjoy sex unless I can trust my partner. Trust doesn't just happen, it has to be built.

Deb57 Level 8 Aug 2, 2019

I have to at least like the person I am having sex a sapiosexual, it is hard to enjoy sex without at an intellectual connection.

I am going to choose very important because without a close personal relationship, sex would not be does not mean that I am committed except when I am with my partner.


Varies with the individual


In a general sense, relationship is not a prerequisite for sex. However, for certain individuals, it very much IS. If the question was directed toward me, personally, a close relationship is needed before I consider getting physical. Conversely, physical attraction is needed up front for me to feel romantic toward someone.

Zster Level 8 Aug 2, 2019

Sex can be anything from a moment of shared pleasure between two people who want nothing more from each other to an expression of love between two people who have been exclusively together for a long period of time.

So long as both parties are honest with themselves and each other regarding what they want from the relationship, it’s a personal choice which shouldn’t be mandated by any government or religious organization beyond punishment for the use of coercion or harrassment to gain sexual Congress with another.


There is "sex"...And then there is "sex in a relationship."

Nothing beats sex with someone you love and trust. I believe they call that making love!


My right hand and I are pretty close!

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