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"Any doctors here?" smile002.gif

By Jnei8
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Interesting … not all medical doctors actually have a doctorate … thought the vast majority has.


...our country will soon have a CRITICAL
shortage of ANY DOCTORS,,,,like now.
He should try, and 2 are needed to
start compressions. The golden hour is slipping away...above all do no harm!!!
Is she helpless??-Trying to get a date????

BBJong Level 7 Aug 4, 2019

that could be a comforting thought for many. if they never truly lived, how can they die?


Sick, but humorous

Buddha Level 7 Aug 2, 2019


Charlene Level 9 Aug 2, 2019

Perhaps the casualty could examine their own life?


Good one. My husband and my son are both Ph.Ds in assorted sciences, and both get asked medical questiuons.

CeliaVL Level 7 Aug 2, 2019

Love these kinds of jokes. Majored in Philosophy and Psychology at University and Political Economics post graduate.

ToolGuy Level 8 Aug 2, 2019
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