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And the beat goes on.

20 confirmed dead and 21 or more hospitalized at this time resulting from the shooting this morning at an El Paso, TX Walmart store. This really needs to stop, folks.

At one time you could go shopping....

evidentialist 8 Aug 3

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Call it what it is. Domestic terrorism.


Here's the BBC News report on it []


It is a very sorry society that preys on those who are most vulnerable, those who truly work for a living, who have no great means. They victimize the poor, the homeless, and ignore the crimes of the wealthy. But never mind all that, America is "great again"!


Heavy has an article with his manifesto. Give you a hint, it has to do with illegal immigration. Kind of like the attack on an ice facility. The war is coming. The dems are pushing for it.


Say what?


Continuing to divide into tribal groups is the problem. We are not born with hate, fear and dispair. We get taught that by our parents and leaders that divide - calling other humans animals, teaching a christian standard that Jesus would not recognize and playing a blame game ALL geared to getting disenfranchised people riled up. Never be part of the problem, gun laws are not the answer - education is.

Do you think the gunman was targeting illegals? Looks to me as though he was targeting people of a color different from himself.


How did this happen in Texas no less. It is hard to believe not one person had a side arm around to stop this.

There are far better ways to stop this BS than another idiot with a gun.

@evidentialist Disarming the general population will only create more victims. The criminals will still have firearms after all they are criminals and they could care less about the laws.

@azzow2 -- An old, worn out, ineffective, and inane argument. Try again.

@evidentialist Destroy the firearms altogether and other weapons will be employed.

@azzow2 Frankly, I'd much rather see someone come into WalMart with a bow & arrow....than an AKC 47!

@azzow2 According to your argument, there must be hundreds of thousands of victims of gun violence in China, Japan, France, Britain, etc.

I think even if you are carrying a weapon and fire back, what if you miss, who is going to win when someone is armed with an assault rifle. That is why there isn’t a gun battle in these mass shootings. Would you single yourself out by trying to shoot someone who’s is armed with this type of weapon. I think not.

@Petter []

@evidentialist @azzow2

I thought azzow2 was being sarcastic. Must have been armed residents all over the place. Yet somehow no one managed to step in. In Ohio, on the other hand, someone grabbed the barrel of the shooter's weapon. Gunman subsequently pulled out a handgun, but by that time police were able to shoot him.


These are called "soft targets" for a reason. Security is low or limited, large number of people gathered in a limited space, and ready access. Soft targets are a cowards option.

And the solution to 'soft targets' is what?


That's a good question. I don't know if there is a solution. It's just a reality that we have no choice but to live with. The effort it would take to solve this problem is again not realistic until the paradigm surrounding the US's relationship to guns dramatically changes.

@t1nick -- Precisely, my friend.


Initially , seemed like they were aiming at bars , theaters , and churches , as gathering places , world wide . . These days , it seems , anything goes .

This was a border store. He drove 650 miles for,that store specifically.


Land of the Free - and The Home of the Braa…..

Varn Level 8 Aug 3, 2019

Said it before and I will say it again. These shootings are not inspired by someone who is angry over ideas of Medicare for all.

You're right---this was done by a mentally ill young man with hatred in his heart for everyone who didn't look like him!

@LucyLoohoo Trump is good at division and dishing out that kind of hatred. I saw a meme recently with both Pelosi and Ohmar on it and the caption was "both of these women are full of hate." I need someone to go forward here and explain exactly what kind of hate they are full of.

@DenoPenno Were you able to challenge the meme's ''poster'' and start a discussion? Or was it one of those sneaky, anonymous things?

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