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I just made a post by The Killers in my Classic Rock group, and remarked that I really love Brandon Flowers’ voice, even though I have to keep his Mormon views strictly out of my mind when I listen. To be fair, he doesn’t really push his Mormon religion and I’ve actually felt sorry for him when he’s been interviewed on TV shows and it is here on this Swedish chat show where he was ambushed by Richard Dawkins. I think his manager was watching from the wings and sent a message to the host to get him back stage...quick!

The other guests on the show are Bjorn Ulvaeus of ABBA and Ulrika Johnson a British TV personality.

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I've seen this video before (a few times actually) and it left me in a strange mental position. On one hand I'm a huge fan of The Killers but at the same time I'm also a fan of Dawkins. My views aren't swayed as an atheist but it definitely made me think about the approach people take to express their views. I'm able to separate Brandon's views from his music luckily, so there's a 'brightside' to that haha 😄

Very good...I see what you did there!! 🤣🤣


I've heard this group off and on since my teen years and I didn't know this. To be fair, i'm not exactly a fan. And I don't think I would have cared anyway.

Not a fan of Dawkins, but the host certainly started off with a strange question. And he didn't ambush Brandon. If anything, were missing something.


Ambushed? An unfortunate use of a adjective, the video doesn't show any "ambush" from Dawkins, he was extremely polite but also direct.

I meant that I’m sure Brandon Flowers was not expecting his religion to be mentioned....he looked a but startled when the host turned to that topic. I believe it was done deliberately to get a reaction from Flowers, but he was there to sing with the band and totally unprepared, not to say ill-equipped, to debate with such a heavyweight of the atheist cause as Dawkins...who is always polite, and of course, very direct.

@Marionville that would not be Dawkins fault, rather the conductor of the show who chose the subject and chose to invite the rocker, Dawkins was a guest also


It looks to me like Richard Dawkins was polite as he courageously told the truth. If Brandon Flowers was offended, it is the fault of none other than Brandon Flowers.

That is actually what I was thinking, too. Well said.


Excellent, I came to the same conclusion, I think Dawkins would have embarrassed him so "somebody" bailed him out!


I just saw Beck the on Friday. I don’t give a single shit about his Scientology views. I love this man and his music.

Good for you. I don’t really care about Brandon Flowers being a Mormon either, just sorry that he believes such crap.

Quite right.


Flowers was rather tongue-tied methinks.

Out of his depth.

@Marionville Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy out.

@Marionville I think the host is a little out of his depth also....I don't understand this show. Dawkins seems like an overqualified guest


It was an obvious ploy to get the Mormon moron out of the way of knowledge and science. Joseph Smith was a con man and sexual predator so combined the two in his made up religion.

Yes..but Brandon Flowers was obviously out of his depth...telling Dawkins that he hadn’t done any research...I ask you...but I still felt sorry for him because he’s a victim of his upbringing. I love his voice and his music though, and don’t really care about his stupidity in respect of what he believes.

@Marionville You are a victim of your upbringing until you are an adult and then it’s up to you to continue or end the belief in the blatant silliness of Mormonism.

@Billboy If you're conditioned to think a certain why when you're young, and throughout your entire childhood, it's likely you're going to remain that way. Especially if that way of thinking surrounds you. Of course there's exceptions to this, many of whom are members on this site. But I'd say a vast majority don't change- and I can't blame them for it. Conditioning goes deep.

My sentiments on Brandon Flowers are the same @Marionville - honestly, I never even think about his religion when I listen to him. Same way I have a deep respect for Mister Rogers and what he did for children's programming, regardless of his religion.

@Billboy You’d have to be pretty brainwashed to get out in the wider world and still believe that trash. The Bible is ridiculous but the Book of Mormon (moron) is just insane.

@Rooster128 I don’t really think of his Mormon belief when I’m enjoying listening to him either....I love the Killers and his voice in particular. It just occurs to me that it’s a shame to be born into such a weird set of beliefs, and I agree with everything you have said about the strength of brainwashing and how deep it is in their psyche. I view them all as victims, all those people who never had the advantage that my parents afforded read, ask questions and make up my own mind. I think Brandon Flowers was out of his depth being pitted against Richard Dawkins and it was quite unfair of the programme to do so.

@Killtheskyfairy I agree it’s pretty bizarre, but there are plenty who do...which just proves that the brainwashing is very successful and runs very deep.

@Marionville I listened to some of his songs and don’t see the attraction. His voice is mediocre at best. I don’t think he’d be a runner up on any musical contest.

@Killtheskyfairy I like him...amongst lots of others. His voice has a certain appeal to me because it has a unique quality which all my favourite singers must’s instantly recognisable. I’m a singer and I can assure you that mediocre is in the ear of the listener...tastes are eclectic and personal to each of us. If a singer can sing on key and project their voice then they have merit, the rest is just a matter of preference.

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