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I found a poem that fits America well...

Robecology 8 Aug 4

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Yep, the rest of the world is a walk through a garden and we just "suck".🙄


You should not wallow too much in self-hate.
Without America, there would be no Blues, no Jazz... our lives would be poorer
Being a German I hate oompah bands

I have no "self hate"

I love me!!

it's my nation I'm ashamed for.

But I'm not leaving, either...

I will say what I can and do what I can to prompt America to fix this.

Here's Obama's take on 'the fix"


ppl have always killed themselves & taken others with them. known as hari kari in some s. pacific islands. i can see ppl commiting suicide but when they need to take others with them then there should be a special place in hell for them (if only).


How about...

America elected a chump,
his name is Donald Trump.
You'll never find a bugger hump,
Whose sheer ignorance will make you jump.
He never does much more than a bump,
and he has the IQ of a stump!
He is turning America into a dump,
let's just hope we are in a slump!
I'd like to throw him in the shitter with a thump,
and flush that turd right from my sump!


Great post! I live in Dayton, Ohio, in a war zone ghetto w many shootings around me. The mass shooting that took place here 17 hours ago was on the same street and block that has 3 taverns I used to play music in years ago. GOD DAMN AMERICA.


Here I sit in stinking vapor while someone stole the toilet paper. How much longer will I linger?


Roses are red
Violets are blue
America sucks now
and Trump does too

It sucks under Trump but if gun violence is the measure, then ousting him will change nothing: thousands of mass shootings happened before him.

@Bobbyzen really? you're gonna defend him here?? don't defend trump.

@JeffMesser not defending but appropriatly assigning blame elsewhere. Trump has become a bit of an excuse for all US woes yet many were present before Trump came on the scene. Some real soul searching needed in America.

⬆️⬆️⬆️@powder summed it up.

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