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What should be done about mass shootings in America?

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Grecio 7 Aug 5

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Someone said today "Everytime there is a shooting, people want to take the guns away from the people that didn't do it". Thant is a good point.


When the government wanted Al Capone out of business, they used tax laws ... do the same with guns ... you can have a gun, but you pay a hefty and increasingly burdonsome sales tax ...
you can buy ammunition, but you pay a hefty and increasingly burdonsome sales tax
You need a licence for each and every gun - and the licence gets more expensive every year

would take a few years, but legal gun ownership would become financially impractical for most

Make illegal gun ownership penalties too punative, and expensive for most to contemplate.

You will only be left with a hardcore of owners

That seems like a reasonable idea I haven't heard about. We might want to limit the legislation to automatic weapons so hopefully to reduce mass shootings and allowing defense against a home intruder.

@Grecio my idea - but it does not stop anyone owning a gun and seems easier to get the idea adopted


In response to the argument that the US does not have a gun problem, but a mental health, education and socioeconomic problem, I say this.

These are, in fact, serious problems related to gun violence. While these are being addressed, or fixed (which is not happening) people still have their hands on guns. The top 4 US cities perpetrating gun violence problems need to be reformed in all the areas stated above. Stating amendment rights, regarding bearing arms, doesn't address the right to not to be killed by them. There's a huge mess in the way of resolving this problem and it won't get better until the guns are taken away, even temporarily. When the education, mental health and socioeconomic issues creating this problem are resolved, you can have your guns back...

But why would you need them at that point? And/or, can these problems ever be resolved to the extent that guns won't continue to be a problem?

The current US administration, as well as those which preceded it, did not do enough to prevent gun violence. A president who is more interested in the well being of the people, than he/she is in just being president, will make the difference. Yes, that person exists.

Whatever the stats are on gun violence and the "misrepresentation of these numbers" based on the populations of difference counties, many more people are dying from guns.

The only country which sees the US as "the greatest country in the world", is the US. The rest of us see the country as pretty fucked up.


Sad but true: Get used to it (as if the shootings were tornados or blizzards...)
Nothing will change it, not in our lifetime

I understand your outlook, but there will be changes made. As you seem to imply, whether any changes will help or not remains to be seen.

@Grecio Every time such a shooting happens, half the country is in tears, demanding immediate action. The other half blocks any action. This has been going on for decades. Even Obama, who really tried to do something, failed. Is there any hope something decisive will be done?


As far as I'm concerned, this guy has it right. The stats he has can also be check through the CDC and there is also a similar study done through the Stanford Library. that one pertains to school shootings I believe.


Ban assault weapons, control sale of weapons for very specific end use and do mental & background checks.

Already being done in many states.

@GrungeGirl90s You're right. Many states do but we need a nation wide plan. For example, the Gilroy shooter, last week, bought his assault weapon in Nevada and carried it into California.


Just remember, probably every country on the planet have people suffering from mental illness of one form or another. But none have mass murders like the US. The common denominator is not mental illness, but guns (especially assault weapons). Duh.

I have also found this as an update with statistics taken from the Stanford Geospacial Center pertaining to gun violence, in particular, mass shootings. I will let you read the entire thing but I have highlighted a basic summation:

Extending the data back to the 1970s, two studies found evidence of a slight increase in the frequency of mass public shootings over the past three decades (Cohen, Azrael, and Miller, 2014; Krouse and Richardson, 2015). However, using an expanded definition that includes domestic- or felony-related killings, there is little evidence to suggest that mass shooting incidents or fatalities have increased (Cohen, Azrael, and Miller, 2014; Krouse and Richardson, 2015; Fox and Fridel, 2016). Thus, different choices about how to define a mass shooting result in different findings for both the prevalence of these events at a given time and whether their frequency has changed over time.


This is going to take a little time to go through, it's a weighty article. I see it was written in the first quarter of 2018, therefore it doesn't account for the shooting incidents for the last 3 quarters of 2018, and the first half of 2019. I think that in itself is significant, as I think the data from this last 15 months may change the entire calculus. I'll look at more thoroughly later today and get back to you. Thanks.

Democrats have been trying to get the CDC and NIH to look into it for at least a decade but GOP and NRA keep blocking it.


It must be dealt with on many levels. It's a complex problem and needs a complex solution. My biggest problem is that we don't seem to be addressing it at all.


Perhaps the rest of the world no longer gives a damn about your problem because they have in many instances have had Americans inflict it in their own countries.

I'm sure you're right. 😟


Ban multiple round magazines and AK type rifles(those are purely to kill people or make men feel like their dick is bigger, or for women to feel they have a dick; either way, too bad. Get a nice strap on); stricter background checks, close the gun show loophole. Stiffer penalties for those who have illegally altered guns, illegal guns, or who break the laws.
Just my opinion. I own a gun, come from a good old Southern family with lots of guns. I’d not object to required safety classes for first time owners.


What is this obsession with single “solutions”? Must we be limited to one single thing, and if it doesn’t produce a 100% reduction in crime we have to reject it? That’s a magic/religious approach: “do this one thing and the world will be perfect.” Rational adults understand that complex problems require a multi-faceted approach and that none of them will guarantee safety.


Restrict the media from televising the event stop giving the killers notoriety no rewards for the ego s of the perpetrator.

good call..

Then public outrage will never hit the tipping point required to effect real change. Restricting the media is, like, always counterproductive. Unless it's about the Kardashian's. Then its justified.

@1of5 Thats right lock those Kardashain's in a universal bath room and force them to suck the gas out of whip cream canisters until they agree to try and act normal lol.

The media stopped giving the shooters more than one mention LONG ago. FoxNews is the only outlet that doesn't abide by that unwritten rule most all of the time. Print and digital media have adopted this policy also. Major outlets brought this forward not long after Columbine.

@SeaGreenEyez. It is not just the tv the radio this was the major topic fueling the egos of the crimes repeatedly.

Many times the killer ends up dead. It's not about them getting rewarded. I don't think?

@RavenCT sometimes it's about notoriety, being a symbol for the cause, or seeing who gets the "mass murderer of the week" boy scout badge.

@1of5 Just as teen suicides can encourage more as I understand it.... I think it would be bad to see the media muffled on this. The government would already like us to believe it's all 'mental illness ' not access to weapons.
We need news to motivate people. (Sadly).

@azzow2 Like I said, MOST media stopped giving time to shooters LONG ago. Podcasts, Serius XM, etc. all stopped decades ago. If you mean non-mainstream radio, I'd have to assume the audience is limited.

These people, these homegrown terrorists, aren't interested in a little airtime. Like all terrorists, they either want infamy or martyr status or they want nothing but carnage. They accomplish exactly both of those by mass murder.


More internet polls gets my vote.

1of5 Level 8 Aug 5, 2019

I can see it coming now. tax the internet and reduce free speech. Mark my words.


The world has to do something about mass killings. The answer isn't simple. I can envision citizens reporting their friends to the government for "suspected possible shooter". There will be teams to investigate neighbors.

Australia had ONE mass shooting. They changed their gun laws within days. 1996 Port Arthur Massacre. There was an incident this year, in June, in which the shooter moved to several locations, it wasn't a mass shooting, but he did murder at will. So there's 2, if stretching.

New Zealand has had 26 mass shootings since 1,200 AD. (Yes, 1,200. The 13th Century.) The Christ Church Massacre in March prompted an immediate response by NZ government for safe & sane gun laws.

My point is that this isn't a WORLD problem. This is an American problem. The solution has been proven time and time and time again.

@SeaGreenEyez There are doubts as to the Tasmanian shooting origin just as there are doubts on the recent Vegas shootngs.

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