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Excellent advice for any of us still hoping to meet their Soul-Mate...

FrostyJim 7 Aug 8

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Lol. Might be my problem. But I've been drinking more water lately so who knows.


Hydration is paramount in order to be an epic shag for the next soulmate in line.


This cracked me up! Thanks!


At times I think I'm just going to who relates more to pets (if I ever find a place I can even have a pet). Thankfully my kids like me...most of the least at the moment. Okay, to be fair, if it were up to my ex-husband we would still be married but he got a lot more of the benefits out of our marriage than I did so... I don't know. I'm probably too picky now. I'm not sure what I even want out of a relationship anymore, to be honest. They're so dang complicated.



I never jived with the concept of a "soulmate" . There's just some folks who "get" you more than others, and you "get" them, for as long as the getting is mutual.

As for hydration ? Piece o' cake !


It gets easier when you realize that everything is temporary and all we can do is make the best of the time we have.


I don't believe in soulmates.
I did when I was young and stupid, but not anymore.
Everything in life is transitory.
Most especially, romantic relationships.

And romantic means someone I really like hanging with and want to bang

@Seeker3CO Okay.

@Seeker3CO truth!


I am a bit parched right about now🙂


IMHO, I think it's mainly down to a connection, and timing has a bit of play there as well. But as a "Soul Mate". I don't really think that is a real thing. First off, I don't think a "soul" is a real thing. And given that there are over 7 billion people on this planet, I think there are an abundance of people out there that would get along wonderful. Saying that there is only one magical person for you, just doesn't add up to me.

I think that if two people can find some common ground, they can grow to make a great relationship. In all and all. it takes two to tango, which also requires work, but. That kind of work is worth doing if it feels right.


Don't really quite get it. is he rambling?

It just may just be to profound for some...


Don't Panic!

And always carry a towel!


Can't seem to find that kind of water.... Tick tock, tick tock


I accepted there is no one for me when I realized that all my fantasies ended in me being alone. But I do stay hydrated. 😉


Kind of wonderful!


Guru Frankie is the sage of our age.

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