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Pit Bulls are such babies!
Bob Barker isn't feeling well, today.
So, he has ATTACHED himself to me!

One time, a couple years ago a nonvenomous chicken snake bit him on his paw. It didn't even break the skin, BUT it scared the BEJESUS out of him!
He kept showing me his paw and looking pitiful, until I swabbed some Neosporin on it!
I massaged his paw and told him it was "all better!"
For weeks after that, EVERYTHING looked like a lurking snake to him!

StrongBow 6 Aug 8

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American pit bulls are banned in the UK along with a few other dangerous breeds. Can dogs originally bred for fighting be completely trusted ?


Hope he is feeling better now.
My Raini girl was a pit-mix and absolutely the best, smartest friend ever. She was like your Baby Jane - could & would judge people. If she didn't like them her 'hackles' would come up and if someone she didn't like came near me - I would hear an ever so quiet, very deep growl. She never tried to bite anyone but I trusted her people assessment with my life.

@StrongBow she was the best!


My 6mo puppy Leon Redbone is half pitbull, half redtick coonhound. No run ins with intimidating elements of nature yet, but he’s a big baby too.


Petunia had a teacup Chihuahua that would rip a pit bull's nose off. One night I found Tito going nuts. I went outside to see what it was.

He was facing down a stag. Eventually Tito was eaten by a raccoon.

I don't miss him at all.

My chihuahua is like that. He's small, but can takedown the two labs from across the street when they get too rambunctious and pisses him off. He grabs their upper lip and actually takes them to the ground. He'll stand on their chest and bite their lip, while they squeal until I come rescue them.

@t1nick Tito would attack the neighbor's German shepherds if they got into the yard or came anywhere near me. I learned to hate him because Petunia complicated all our weekend trips by bringing him along with us.

We went off for a week to see my mother, 500 miles away. Had to bring Tito with us. Want to take a wild guess who had to walk the dog at rest stops and gasoline stations? Stop at a roadside attraction, we had to take turns staying with her wildly overpriced puppy dog.

We're on our fifth generation of cats. They've never gone anywhere with us. We never put a cat on a leash. Unlike Tito, we never bought a cat. Sometimes the local animal shelter gives them away with a shot record after they've neutered them. (That's for grown cats. Everybody wants to adopt a cute kitten). Neither us or our guests have stepped in cat shit in the yard. Show a cat a sand box, it knows what it's for. It gets housebroken instantly.

After several tries, Petunia could never housebreak a dog. We got rid of the dogs once I found out she had no intention of buying or replacing fresh litter for their kennel. Walking them daily wasn't on her agenda.


People forget that pits used to be used as Nanny the little rascals. They're not the big bad meanies they're made out to be.


Aww that sweet baby!
I would give him much cuddling.
They really are so incredibly sweet.


Pit Bulls are wonderful dogs. A friend of mine has three of them and they swarm all over me when I go to her house.

Pits are terrific animals. Like a lot of creatures, you do have to stay aware of their points of view. Back in the 70s I played on a city league baseball team in Tucson. One of our guys raised fighting dogs as a hobby. (I didn't and wouldn't know the guy very well.)

Some of his Pits were pets rather than fighters and he would bring them often to our practices. They were great dogs but they were very strong. One was chained to a small tree one time when a toy poodle walked across the field. The Pit nearly tore the tree out of the ground trying to go after the smaller dog.

We have a small (~20 lbs) Pit mix ourselves now that has never been aggressive. We even take her to the dog park and she always plays well with others. But we also have a German_Shepherd/Chow mix that never goes to the dog park. You have to take into account each animal's possible behaviors. 😊


He's handsome, I love his name.

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