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What are some ways you are selfish? I've been pondering lately how I'm selfish. I don't consider some ways to be a negative thing. What about you?

Jama765 7 Aug 11

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I find it hard to share chocolate. It has to be someone very meaningful in my life to get some of it.


Life flows up and down, altruistic at times, selfish at others. Probably best to avoid trends either way.
Bombing people in far away lands in the name of security and defence is a selfish act as I see it.
Like first aiders say, if you don't look after #1 first it's a bit hard to look after others.
Selfish is fine until it negatively impacts others regularly. So avoid making it a trend


I realized just how selfish I am two weeks ago.

How did you learn this?

Someone I met a year ago turned my life around.I tend to be reclusive. Two weeks ago he called me to tell me he has cancer and would like for me to visit. I have been extremely selfish with my time.

@Holysocks Me too, for me alot of it is cowerdice. I am just too weak to endure the loss😟. By distracting and procrastinating. I can delay those bad feelings.

I'm really sorry.


I like a mildly spicy red sauce....oh, you mean "selfish", not "shellfish", sorry. I like to think the airlines are 1000% correct, you put on your air mask first, then help those around you.


Every night when I'm taking my bubble bath, with soft music playing, and a glass of wine... That's when I'm selfish... Do not disturb.. and I mean it!


I am selfish when it comes to what I consider to be my quality of life and I am fortunate enough to be able to do that. There are many levels to my quality of life and I know them, so I am single and probably will stay that way, because I find that being coupled usually runs interference with what I like to do.


Well if I had a partner I would not allow him to move in. Is this selfish? Probably. I need my space If I want to leave dishes in the sink I will and I am not going to give away my remote control to the tv. I acknowledge this is all selfish but I'm good with that. I've raised my children, I don't want to adopt a grown up one.


I'm kinda lazy. I always have so much I should be doing, but I'm buggered, so I sit on my arse instead.

I'm learning to rest. I need more lazy days for sure!


In a way I consider helping someone selfish. I know that seems like an oxymoron. If you consider that when you help someone it makes you feel good. So in a strange way being selfish is a good thing.

There is no such thing as a selfless dead


I am not selfish. People call me thoughtful, loving and giving.

Some may consider me self-centered because I refuse to let a man stop me from hiking and exercising.

Also, I refuse to eat preserved or processed meat, junk food or other sugary, fatty crap Americans love.

Americans love their crap.

@Jama765 mmmmmm love it!


I admit my desire to "take turns" is way of negotiating intimate tender joys

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