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How do you change the t-shirt size setting in your profile?

I have slimmed down a bit over the last year and the size set in my profile would be too large for me.

icolan 7 Aug 14

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A t-shirt size setting in your profile? Where?

Kids? Height? Can't find them.


Sorry, I have no answer for you either, but I want to congratulate you.


Throw in the high cycle dryer a few times


just wear a baggy t shirt

@icolan wear baggy silk in the rain if you want that sexy look - nothing else clings quite so well


Why would I change the t-shirt size in my profile because you lost weight?

@icolan You did not ask how to change yours, you ask hoh to change the setting in my profile. 🙂


Open your profile and click on Edit Profile.

If that doesn't work, ask your question in Site and Customer Service under Categories on the right.


Sorry, you're going to have to start eating again.


You may just have to get the sewing machine out.

@icolan There are courses.

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