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There are some things religions cannot control:

bigpawbullets 9 Aug 16

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bobwjr Level 10 Aug 16, 2019

Notice how the monk in red holds his arm, which is placed over his privates.
The lady appears to feel something pretty funny is going on.


Breasts, is that all it takes to distract you?

Well, sometimes..... 😎

Her breasts, and her laughter, and her hair, and her collarbones, and her hands, and her aura...

@QuidamOutrepont Don't stop! ..... 😜😜😜

Yes and no good starting point but not the only thing


If you have her number, tell her she's welcome to drop by my place. I can use some meditation...


I think that's the first part of the picture we all see first.

Well. Most of us.....

Men maybe. I was looking at the gold buddha

@Amisja What gold buddha?


Is that why the hand of the one in red is "suppressing his emotions"?

Exactly. Loose robes cannot conceal much.

@bigpawbullets Tight lycra conceals even less!!

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