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What is the philosophy behind the points scheme on this site?

Purna 3 Aug 19

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"As this site is completely free, we have to put limits on contacting others to avoid spamming. We do this with levels based on a simple point system where each activity is assigned points and members level up once they reach a certain number of points.

Levels are mostly a way to help identify and reward those who contribute to the growth of the community. We also give more access and benefits depending on level. For example, posts by new members are reviewed before they show up to others (except on the profile page where they go up instantly) whereas members of higher levels have their posts go live instantly. Also, we let members with higher levels contact others more than lower levels."

lerlo Level 8 Aug 19, 2019

Maybe egalitarian philosophy. Just a guess. If it comes up on the test i will probably just draw a Ven-diagram


Dont know .. don't care .. people matter - not points


There is no philosophy.
Some claim that it is meant to identify scammers, but that cannot be true because all of us began as level 1,2,3 members.
Many people, especially males, like competitive games and the little rewards associated with them, so you give them those rewards to keep them coming back, just because it is fun to make to the next level. It shows that human beings have a lot in common with mice in labs who get rewards when they should participate in experiments.


To help prevent scammers and spammers from littering this site.


Its fun


to give you a little dopamine surge as a reward and coax you into posting more.


Hard work and diligence will, after many years, pay off with you being elevated upward to a place where you will look down on those who are toiling to reach your station in life. You will be praised by all for your accomplishments at reaching each level and it will give you a sense of satisfaction in your life that perhaps was missing due to events such as a boring job or a bad relationship. So its all good.

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