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I was invited to a "comedy show" and that was all I knew. Someone got sick at the last minute and they were 50 dollar tickets and the guy was suppose to be a big deal. I said ok. It was SteveO. That name didn't ring a bell for me. He was the guy from Jack Ass. I will not randomly assign brain damage to any person that comes across this post by writing all the gory details here. It was extremely an graphic and disturbing show. The thing is, his "friends" set him on fire which caused him to go to a burn unit and to have multiple skin grafts. They filmed it and the aftermath. It was sad. I don't know how these guys didn't get arrested. People shouldnt be allowed to set other people on fire, even if the person's mental illness drives them to ask for that. That's just not ok. It is scary that people see this as entertainment. I'm really glad that I didn't pay for this event.

thinkwithme 7 Aug 25

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Omg think!!! Not steveO!!!! 😂😂 theres a reason theyre called jackass as you fount out!! Yea, feather for the hat on that one, one of them died a while back, jackassery of course.

I don't think you would laugh if you saw it. I didnt watch the show but maybe moments when it was on. I don't remember any of it. I know it wasnt like what I saw that night, because that was too awful not to remember. I felt sad genuinely.


Another dumb ass - the world could get along without him. Thats why the Darwin Awards was started


Every day is a new day and filled with the endless potential to encounter insanity.


Not much water left in the shallow end of the gene pool to put him out...


I never could get into those guys. I don't think I would have gotten into them if I was a teenager. I out grew the Three Stooges by then.

Not even comparable


That sound just awful. I would ask for my money back.


That is taking morbid sense of curiosity way beyond.




I went to an entertainment diner show in Ensenada, Mexico back in the early 70s. There was a guy who stuck a spike through his arm and lifted a chair. I think it was the same guy who ate and swallowed a glass. He opened his mouth to show that his mouth was bleeding. I don't know today if this was real but I'm glad we ate first and I'm sorry we patronized it.




I think you hit the nail on the head about it -no pun intended.

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