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I was wondering how much money Michael Jackson has earned since his death in 2009 so I googled it -- around $2B This puts him in 1st place among top earning dead celebrities with Elvis in 2nd place. Presley's estate generates millions every year just from tourism by fans visiting Graceland -- his famous home in Memphis, TN.

This got me wondering further.

Jackson's old estate -- the Neverland Ranch -- has sat abandoned and unsold since he died. Why has this not been turned into a cashcow like Graceland? Neverland would generate even more money in tourism than Graceland does given Jackson was bigger than Elvis by a wide margin.

How has this been missed for so long?

Jackson paid $19.5M for it but Neverland Ranch is currently for sale at $100M -- a hefty sum that I believe could be recovered in the first 5 years. If I were a multi-millionaire looking for an investment, I'd buy Neverland Ranch tomorrow morning.

Although I'm sure I could argue the price down since it hasn't sold in ten years.

Agree or disagree?

Sgt_Spanky 7 Aug 26

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When the national trust bought Paul McCartney's family home (well the last one as they moved around a bit). They were looking for doors that fit with the original design. Only to find that a guy had bought the old ones years ago and had them stored in his garage.


I agree it could become a shrine to Jackson - whether it should is another matter


Because he was a pop paedophile

This has inspired me to write a new post.

@Sgt_Spanky I noticed. To me the harm paedophiles do to communities should not be honoured. Making his home into a visitor's attraction gives him the honour. He was a wrong un (as we say) and his memory should be shunned.


I should Shark Tank this. Prepare a pitch and watch their heads explode when they hear I want a $100M investment. The reactions would be priceless.


Take your business plan to a venture capitalist, see if you get agreement there.


I would think Prince is not far behind?

Queen would be my pick. Can invest in Bowie.

Arguably the former home of any dead celecrity can be monetized to some degree depending on how popular the celebrity was. Paisley Park was fanously inaccessible to everyone but whomever Prince himself granted entry so there's probably good money there to open it to the public.


It would attract macabre type tourists, like buying Epstein's island. Pedo's Paradise.
I would raze both to the ground then build something else.

Dumb plan -- just burn down a cashcow waiting to happen, Thank god you're not a stockbroker.

@Sgt_Spanky will need clever marketing, family holidays to Neverland. I would not invest. Perhaps keep some iconic remnants but raze the rest, then I may be interested.

@powder I think razing the bulk of it is unjustifiable from a purely business perspective. The fans will want Neverland in its entireity, not just selected bits and pieces. They know about the dark side of their hero and still spent $2B since his death. The market has spoken.

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