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Struck by a nun! As a child of seven or thereabouts, I was slapped soundly on my thigh as I sat attending a "Children's Mass" in a Catholic church in Paterson, NJ. My crime? I'd turned around in my seat to see who was singing so loudly in a cringe-worth female operatic voice up in the choir loft. The nun seated directly to my right thereupon hissed at me, "Bobby, you're turning your back on God. Face forward!" Unfortunately, her verbal rebuke wasn't enough to stop me from countering with, "But sister, you told us last week that God is everywhere, so how can I possibly turn my back on Him?" It was my calling her out on the "everywhere" issue that got me painfully whacked on the thigh. This was the same nun I'd previously asked how long Jesus stayed alive in our tummies when we ate him during communion. Catholics, if you don't know, are supposed to believe that the consecrated communion host is the actual body and blood of Christ. I'd prefaced this question by mentioning that I'd recently seen a disturbing TV show about cannibals. Have any of you had interesting encounters with nuns? πŸ™‚

Rob48 7 Aug 30

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When my oldest son was young, I considered placing him in a military school. When I told my father that, he lost it and told me that if I EVER put my children in a boarding school he will disinherit me. The reason my father was so upset was than when he was young his mother put him in Catholic boarding school. That was the worse year of his life.

By the way, I never put my son in military school.

I also worked with an ex nun. She told me that she got out of the order because nun are the most sadistic people she has ever known.


More than I care to remember. Even had one tell me that I was the bane of
her existence. I'm rather proud of that now.
Evidently, I was not the first woman in my family to clash with a catholic nun.

My mother got smacked by a nun, merely for asking, "if god made everything, who made god?"

My grandmother (I think she was around 7) asked the nun/teacher to be excused to go to the restroom, the nun denied her request. She asked again, explaining she really needed to go. The nun refused to let her go. After my grandmother peed her pants, the nun beat her in front of the class.
My great-grandmother was none too pleased when her daughter came home,
soaked in urine from the waist down, and covered in welts on her back, legs, and torso. She went to the school and beat the snot out of the nun.

Back in those days, nobody went to jail for that kind of stuff.

I also found out that my grandmother was excommunicated from the
catholic church for practicing "witchcraft". I am extremely proud of this fact.

@Winkiedink54 I have nothing but contempt for all religion, but I detest
the catholic church in particular.

Your great grandmother reminds me of this

Hilarious lyrics if you can get past the fact it's metal.

A nun taught me to kneel on raw rice while reciting bible verses. What special kinda fucked up is that? The other option was the paddle board with holes in it. I prayed the nun would die, never for forgiveness.


I worked as a train conductor.

Once I was working a train up from Horsham (Sussex) to London Victoria.

We stopped at Redhill, and two nuns got on.

We arrived at East Croydon and there, on the platform, were two MORE nuns - except that these 'holy sisters' were in stiletto heals, fishnets, absolutely TINY habits that fitted like a second skin, and a fair amount of make-up - they were two young girls on their way to a fancy dress party!

The two (real) nuns on the train were getting off at East Croydon - and as the doors opened the two pairs of holy sisters found themselves facing each other.

I know words were exchanged between them, but unfortunately I was not close enough to overhear what was said. However the two real nuns walked past me along the platform on their way out of the station - one looked SERIOUSLY annoyed, the other actually appeared mildly amused.


You all would love a one-act play by Christopher Durang called Sister Mary Ignatious Explains It All For You, in which the main character, Sister Mary, is a psychotic homicidal sadist. It's a black comedy, of course, by gay ex-Catholic Durang.


As a teen, I had a girlfriend who attended Catholic schools up until junior high school, when she got expelled for locking a nun in a closet. She told me some stories about those nuns!


I had a miserable time in grammar school. Our principal (a nun) absolutely hated children and her job. I’m still too traumatized to think back on those dreadful days, so I’ll leave it at that. πŸ˜’


As a child I lived directly behind and overlooking a Catholic School, the stories I could tell about the absolute BRUTALITY I had seen Nuns commit on the children in their charge and 'CARE' would actually turn your stomach.

But not surprise me!


Start with repression, add copious guilt, near unlimited power and do not be surprised with the resulting psycho-sexual-sadism.

There you go, pot on!


As a vegetarian I can't take holy communion.


I also went to a catholic parochial school in Paterson, N.J. run by The Sisters of Perpetual Punishment. I remember having my knuckles cracked by a ruler. I remember sisters teaching how whites were chased off the sidewalks by blacks during reconstruction in the South. I remember nuns telling us boys not to look up inside girl's skirts by the reflection in their patent leather shoes

So many damned nuns were obsessed with sex!


In high school, while attending a Catholic high school, I went to Sister Daniel, the principal to get help from one of my classmates who was constantly bullying me and making my school life miserable. Her advice? "Just ignore him." Ignoring him just made him ratchet up the bullying, and get more involved.

Yea, nuns are evil people.


I grew up Lutheran....that was bad enough


In my career as a counselor and therapist, I lost track of the number of people (especially women) who were abused by nuns in a Catholic school. Another shrink that I've worked with has a "special program for recovering Catholics," which is partly humor but also partly truth. Because, there are special considerations one must take with a client who has been both abused and brainwashed.

@Winkiedink54 Yes, and I feel called me to help heal some of the damage caused by the goddamn Catholic church...oh, and a lot of other churches. My message to the world is: "You were deceived."

@Winkiedink54 ,
my fav comedian. but much more than just a comedian.


I'm reading J. Michael Straczynski's autobiography "Becoming Superman". What a horrible, horrific childhood he had! He recounts nuns forcing him to sell chocolate bars in the snow as a fund raiser for "pagan babies"...all the while wondering why the nuns didn't treat him as well as they apparently valued the pagan babies. (He goes on to explain that in the '50's-'60s, one could "buy" a pagan baby--what later was called "sponsoring" I guess--, give it a Christian name, etc., and all the money went to the church...and who knows where after that, if anywhere. Even at that age, he said he recognized it as a racket.)

He also recounts once taking a test, having a problem with his pen, and the nun backhanding him and telling him to wait for someone to finish the test and use theirs. Once someone was finished, he only had 10 minutes to take the test, scribbled a few answers, and failed.

I highly recommend the book.


You should watch Joey Diaz's abusive nuns story called "Sister Hyacinth" on YouTube. I think the series is called This Is Not Happening on Comedy Central's YT channel.

It's alarming what he went through.


No, they have not been apart of my world. But, I did once get a dirty look from two, while carrying a girl who had cut her foot on a shell at the beach. I was taking her to the first aid squad, and as I walked on the paved part of the "boardwalk," and she asked me how it felt, I said it was "Hot as hell," just as the two sisters came by the other way. Their brief look of disapproval was intense.


Never had one take a swing at me, fortunately. But we had a math teacher named Sister Pat who could glare at you in such a way that you would literally tremble in terror merely from the way she could convey what she was willing and capable of doing to you just through a single look. Nobody fucked with Sister Pat. Nobody.


Not by a nun, but my 5th grade catholic school teacher whacked me on the head in math class with a ruler β€œto get my thinking cap going.” Even in 5th grade, I was pretty sure that’s not how the brain worked. I switched to public school in 6th grade, fortunately.


Yep. Same. We use to have to stand at the chalkboard and do math problems. The nun pace behind us with a yard stick. She would wack our thighs if we got the problem wrong. Then the same nun told my 8 year old brother he would never amount to anything. Years later, When he became a decorated Police Officer he happened to see her at a function and made sure to introduce himself and remind her of what she had said. Even took a selfie with her πŸ˜†

He should have told her that if she worked a little harder, there's still time for her to make something of her life also.

@Winkiedink54, @greyeyed123 we later started calling her The Penguin πŸ˜†


I went for religious catholic instructions after school. Those nuns were kind I found, the bishop, however was an arrogant bastard.

@Winkiedink54 I guess I was lucky. The nuns where I went were kind but my mother was the problem in any kind of way.


So flag I was raised Jewish and wasn’t subjected to these sadistic assaults. I’m sure my ancestors were subjected to the inquisition. 😑


My ex, raised Catholic, was often struck with a ruler, across his palms, for years!

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