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I just took all social media off my smartphone but this platform. ....

ChrisFrost 5 Sep 2

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Many apps installed on your smartphone may have permission to access features on your devices that they don't need. For example, your Skype app doesn't necessarily need access to all of your photos, but it does need access to your phone and camera. In contrast, your Facebook app may only need access to your photos but no access to your microphone or camera if you're not using it to stream. In general, I tend to use the degoogled phone more. For me, it's more secure than the standard Google services that try to track your every move.


I spend way more time here than on other social medias. I keep Facebook to keep track of some friends and relatives but I don't do much browsing. I follow some news on Twitter but I don't do a lot of retweets either.


I heard a local stand up comedian say that social media is to social life what masturbation is to sex life.


I’ve only ever had this site on anything.

Tried Facebook. Tried Twitter. All puerile nonsense from what I have experienced.


Well... I redownloaded fb. 😛 Just not msger ...


That seems like it would be very limiting to me. I use them all in different ways and interact differently with different types of people. This one definitely has the most narrow focus.

MsAl Level 8 Sep 2, 2019

That sounds like an interesting conversation...🙋


I had it all off (except this site) my electronics for 14 months now.




Is there any reason to have a smartphone in that case? 😉

I don’t have a computer - the smartphone is my lifeline.


🤣 I love "social media". It creates the illusion that I'm not alone.

Exactly. When's the last time any of us actually met someone? What are we waiting for?

@julietrue you make it sound like meeting someone is a choice.

@julietrue Obviously Waiting For Godot. And we all know how that ends up!


I don't have any social media sites on my smartphone.

You are unique.

@ChrisFrostI don't have a smartphone


Sometimes I think about doing the same.


Do you need CPR? 😉

I think I need more balance.

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