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Diverting Defense money to build the wall is the same as diverting Defense money to his own campaign. Most Americans are against spending money to build a wall, except for the xenophobic and resist hard core supporters. So now that wall is a campaign stunt paid for by sacrificing defense construction projects. Where does it stop?



Rodatheist 7 Sep 4

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Just another crime that he won't be held responsible for. Let's see, how many have there been . . . . . . . . . .too many to count.

Let’s see how many more WE will ALLOW him to commit. Like the saying goes: a first time is your fault; a second time is my fault.

@Rodatheist That's good, but WE are not congress.

@ThinkingFree WE are the VOTERS!

@Rodatheist Yes, we are, for all the good that has done.

@ThinkingFree Yeah... you’re right. Let’s stop voting and just let the economic and religious interests impose their leaders upon us. The ship is sinking anyway, there is no use on trying saving it... right?

@Rodatheist About right, Rod.


Look on the bright side. It may leave less money for bombs to drop on people in the middle east and North Africa.

No, that is not being cut. They are cutting down on military building projects. So, no luck for the intended and unintended recipients of our bombs.


What would be the cheapest? To build that wall or to fix that Uncle-Sam-made Latin America mess?

Fixing the problem is not only cheaper but hundreds of times more effective, and much more humane. Mexico’s new government already propose a plan and already put forward money to begin implementing it. Here is the plan:


But, solving the problem is not in the best political interest of the current holder of the U.S. presidency. Fortunately, the EU and other countries have pledged economic support for the Mexican plan.

International support for the Mexican plan:



Until someone gets serious about it this will not stop. Trump supporters have made this "wedge issue" into a party issue with the usual name calling effects. It is actually more serious than you think.

On the saving end of this we are still being lied to. The parts of the wall being built is a 175 mile area that was agreed on by everyone back in the Clinton era. It was just that nobody got around to building it. Now they can divert funds for it and it suddenly becomes the "Trump Wall." 🙂

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