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((Humans will be BANNED from driving cars within the next 25 years as 'safer' autonomous vehicles hit the road, expert claims, [] ))

My opinion:
Soon, those visionaries who want a better planet will want to ban humans for having sex, claiming that this ban will save millions of lives that could die from sexually transmitted diseases or an accident during sex.

Williamcristiano 5 Sep 4

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More than likely, over time, land traveling vehicles will become a thing of the past. You'll still be able to drive one, but while you're traversing delapidated road ways which nobody gives much if a crap about anymore, everyone else will be arriving at their destinations more quickly and efficiently via small, air traveling vehicles which fly themselves via auto pilot through pre-programmed coordinates entered by the occupant at the point of departure.

It's already possible to do this. The only hurdle remaining is making it hack proof.


Yup, and computers will lead to a "paperless society", always told us all about 3 decades ago.....

Hallelujah! finally someone forward-thinking realistic agreed with my post.
thank you and amen


What about less cars (autonomous or not) and more active and public transit?
What about cities and streets build for people instead of cars?
What about safe, ethical and fun sex for everyone who wants it?
What if wanting to make the world a better place doesn't necessarily mean you have to be some kind of a psycho nazi?

@Williamcristiano F*** that noise!

If I was in charge, I would never let people be in charge of repairing and maintaining the machines, because it provides an obvious vulnerability for loss of power.

If these people were really smart they would wait until the machines could take care of themselves, something that is 2-3 decades away.

But that's not going to happen anyways because the wealthy still relly on sales for building their wealth. In a fully automated world like that, a single person with a machine and enough determination can upset the whole system and take a disproportionate piece of the pie.

For example, supose a young lawyer fresh out of college has a $2000 computer that is at or above human level inteligence and nothing else. He could use that machine to set up an online law service, and for only the cost of the energy needed to run the machine he could provide legal advice. He could then focus his time on specific clients, meaning access to cheap legal services would no longer be limited to the wealthy, because he could do what an experienced lawyer could do for the paycheck of a paralegal. In the near future, everything will be like that.


you are entitled to your opinion and to post it here,regardless of how brilliant or stupid it is, and may I just add, it ain't brilliant at all


Possibly the dumbest slippery slope argument I have ever seen. Hopefully you were being facetious.


Take a chill pill, relax. Do some intelligent reading and ......
Be logical!

@OwlInASack i am Brazilian, and your hole ass is burining down!!
The Amazon belongs to the Brazilians and we can burn the whole forest if we want, because it's ours !!!


This is what I call pushing an analogy beyond its logical conclusion. The two things are not conflatable. One does not lead to the other. The second conjecture is foolish and preposterous.


Slippery slope arguments rarely hole true and in this case they have nothing in common.

gearl Level 8 Sep 4, 2019

More robots = more better

So many people die in car crashes it's ridiculous that this isn't a higher priority set to happen much sooner.

As far as banning sex goes, they are doing that too, although not through a ban but rather through climate philosophy (yes, thats a thing ) convincing many millennials that having kids is immoral because they will live a painful existence.

@OwlInASack Did you read the linked article?

The philosophers name is Gerald Harrison. The they is anyone and everyone who takes him seriosly. This isn't something I made up either, this is a widespread and frankly dangerous idea that I found out about when I had a discussion about this exact topic with my girlfriend.

That's real life!

@OwlInASack Nah, I don't roll like that. The Irish times was just a convenient and comprehensive example and there are plenty of others all based on this same concept.

Here is a link to Gerald Harrison's academic work on antinatalism and moral particularism.


Don't forget that I also have personal experience in addition to the article as to this being the case. Actually, just go talk to a bunch of childless young couples and ask them if they think having kids is immoral and I think you will find a lot of people who will tell you it is, because they are spreading this narrative specifically.

@OwlInASack I'm not saying they will ban sex the way they have banned theft, murder, or anything containing lead or mercury.

Obviously that wouldn't fly because people love to fuck.

What you can do is convince tons of people to not have sex voluntarily if you have a good reason that people care more about than having sex. Catholic priests and Buddhist monks stay celibate for religious purposes, so whats controversial or even ridiculous about convincing people to not have sex to save the planet?

If people decide they absolutely don't want kids, they might take things to the logical extreme and get a vasectomy or start medicating themselves voluntarily to reduce sex drive. This would have the end result of the overall amount of sex being had to decrease sharply.

@OwlInASack It's philosophy. I chose this over other articles specifically because it says that this is all ridiculous, but that doesn't change the fact that people are actively spreading this message.

@OwlInASack it's less sex by extension of having fewer kids. This is about population control more than anything.


People that get paychecks, say things. Many things.


How can there be a global ban on driving?? We cannot seem to get a global ban on anything, but something as common as driving will be banned?! Smells like conspiracy theory bullshit


Well, machines do it faster and cheaper 😉

It all depends on who builds them and who sets them and maintains them.

@QuidamOutrepont What a dopey thing to say. It was a jest. jeez'o pete

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