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Fall in West Virginia.

Tomfoolery33 9 Sep 6

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I just spent a week in West Virginia. It was my first time and it was beautiful. I just don't know if I could handle driving those Hills, especially in winter.


We'll be having the fall colors in a few weeks. There are now some foreign cruise ships that come on the Saint-Lawrence river, all the way up to Montreal, just for that. We have the Laurentian mountains on the north side and the Appalachians on the south side.


great photos. didn't realize fall arrived this early down there. we don't have that many fall colors on van isle & they haven't started yet.

These aren't from this year. We've got a ways to go before it will be like this.


beautiful fall colors!


stunning scenery


Two more months and it will be fall in the Georgia mountains. I'm ready for some fall temperatures now.

Me too.


The second photos is glorious! I miss the fall colors of Michigan where I grew up.

Washington is called the Evergreen State for a reason. At least we have glorious Golden Week on the east side of the Cascade Mountains in October.

Northern Larch turn gold before dropping their needles. Northern Larch are one of only two conifers in North America that drop their needles each fall.


Very nice but I am not ready yet. 🙂


Beautifully done!


Amazing pictures. Thanks for posting.




Love the colour of fall.


I miss that, but I don't miss the Poverty or the Ignorant Politicians that keep it that way .

GEGR Level 7 Sep 6, 2019

Feel free to visit upstate New York: same colors , smarter politicians.

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