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How do you help people???? I’ll start. I always strive to be as helpful as possible to anyone I come across. I like to compliment and encourage people on the things I observe that are strengths. I’d love to know what you all do that makes your heart full. Sometimes I get text messages from my clients after hearings that absolutely blow me away by their gratitude and appreciation. None of it is lost on me. It’s absolutely what motivates me to keep doing more and becoming more.

pattisabby 4 Sep 6

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I teach swimming to kids..So many kids and I try to give each of them my best.. To care equally. This is not always possible; in fact it probably never is. But I believe I will generally enter their young psyches as a fun and caring influence. And of course, Some of my kids are just ADOREABLE!. Strange to find this at my age.


I'm a docent at our local municipal Conservatory (botanical garden). Everybody calls me with their computer problems. I started tutoring with friends' high school students but they're all grown up now. And I have friends who have personal problems and I listen to them.


You would make me nervous as all get-out, sorry.


I try to be a good neighbor and organize get togethers esp at holiday time many I have met here ( in the short time living here)have no family around. I volunteer in a dance group that visits hospitals, nursing homes ect where we do a dance routine to bring a smile. Also at my daughters school ( she’s a teacher ) and I plan on at some point going to the VA Hospital and being a volunteer but right now I’m working to much. 😟.


This is tough and I’m going to sound awful, but I don’t mean’s just me. I don’t like to talk about how I help people; it sounds boastful to me. And that’s not why I do it, for kudos.


Volunteer with the Red Cross, to help seniors stay in their homes. I plant a garden for the Inn of the Good Shepherd, fresh food for those who need it. I visit assisted living retirement homes. Right now I am helping to eliminate phragmites that are taking over our wetlands here.


I help people by learning about them and finding out what they need. It seems you are looking for a more mainstream dating site. Also, as an open book, answering some of the questions people are firing your way would be good 😉 Hope you find the someone special you’re searching for 😎

thank you for your comment girl. but then i know this isn't a dating site .

@pattisabby ok, perhaps I got the wrong idea about your profile comment about filling the emptiness. But hope you enjoy the site.


I was a hockey coach and a soccer coach for a few seasons. I was a volunteer in politics for some social democrats, some ecologists and for some Quebec separatists. Once in a while, I do some computer support, some copy writing, copy proofing, some graphic arts for people around me and for the causes I care about. I was recently elected treasurer for the union at my job.

wow congratulation . keep up with the good job


I made this banner for an atheist group in Montreal


As a volunteer, I register high school students to vote each September and April.

With fellow Democrats, organize local demonstrations against Trump and Republicans. Get people fired up to vote.

Vote Republicans out of office!


People come to me for medical advice , since I retired from medicine I do what I can I also work with the democrats to defeat republicans


I tell them what they need to hear, not what they want to be told.

(By the way, interesting necklace. Not to be unwelcoming, but you do know what site this is?)

my necklaces nothing to do with religion .btw its gold plated


I keep an extra pair of jumper cables to give to anyone that needs a jumpstart.

I have some EKG paddles I can put on one end - of course, sometimes a kickstart is appropriate😉

Good man!


Do you give readings? What sort of help are you giving?

well I love complimenting others too. I truly believe kind words can change everyone’s day from bad to good. I like to smile at strangers and say hello. I love making others laugh. There’s nothing better than sharing a good laugh with someone.


Clients and hearings .. what help is it you are giving?

And how much will it cost me?



The cross around your neck begs the question:

As a Christian, why are you on

lol i have a cross around my neck doesn't make me a christian lol. to me its fashion doesn't matter what people think

Don't be scared of symbols. I wear Mjölnir (Thor's Hammer) around my neck and tattoos of the Norse gods on my body. They are the doors into story telling. Story telling is a tool for getting closer to people.

In Romania, Russia, Ukraine, etc they wear a cross like we might wear our birthstone. They also vote with a single candidate on the ballot and think it's an election.


Since 2006 as a volunteer, I have been helping low income, first generation students write essays for college entry and scholarships. One of my best success stories is Brenda, who won $269,445 in scholarships in 2016.

The first girl I mentored is an engineer at Puget Sound Shipyards. Yulipa, a Russian immigrant, speaks five languages and is a trail runner. I stay in touch with young people I mentored.

In May 2018 I won the first Scholarship Rockstar award. In June, I took three young women I previously mentored on a short hike around Icicle Gorge, WA.

From left: Tammy, a Vietnamese immigrant, is studying to be a neurosurgeon. Elisabet graduated from expensive, private Gonzaga University with no debt. She plans to become a pediatrician. Teresa is studying to be an accountant. Teresa is a community volunteer, and a community program coordinator.

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