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Here is my stance, regarding god if I am wrong.

WizardBill 7 Mar 19

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You are obviously much nicer than i am!


Catholics are still telling them that birth control is a mortal sin brw.


But if those of us who are here knowing there is NOTHING outside humans to save those children .... we dare to debate Gouda and Havarti.


I will simply tell god, "Watch it, buddy I have an iron chariot."

And the Lord was with Judah; and he drove out the inhabitants of the mountain; but could not drive out the inhabitants of the valley, because they had chariots of iron.” Judges 1:19

oooOOOhhh. Those poor horses.

@BufftonBeotch It actually was probably no problem for the horses. The chariots were actually made of light flexible wood like today. It was actually the fittings that were iron, much like a horse cart or sulky of today. The reference here is to the fact that the chariots were tough, durable and a great fighting platform.
These horses evidently had it much better than the horses of Pharaoh. After God killed all of his horses he chased Moses and the hebrews into the Red or Reed Sea with his chariots. Those DEAD horses still had to pull them! Just a note from an old Cowboy and historian.....

@DavidLaDeau I watched one of those history channel shows where they reconstructed one of the chariots. I think it was based on a fairly well preserved one they found at an archaeological site. It also seems the discovered it had some sort of rudimentary shock absorbers so that the archer could aim true.


Yes if you can listen to all this bullshit


Which one is going to do the explaining? If they are not busy killing each other.


Oh, if I were still on fb I would do share this!


Atheist logic:
Something bad happens, it's evidence god(s) aren't in control.
Something good happens, it's evidence humans are in control.

Theist logic:
Something bad happens, it's evidence humans are in control.
Something good happens, it's evidence god(s) are in control

Agnostic logic:
Something bad happens, it's evidence something bad happened.
Something good happens, it's evidence something good happened.

I'm an atheist and I don't fit your categorization here.


You also didn't post this meme. 😉


The "I don't believe in any god that would allow such suffering" is a common argument used by atheists and implied by this meme.

@TheMiddleWay I didn't post the meme? What difference does that make? I think you're wrong about "atheist logic."


good point


What's happening in the picture is 100% caused by human failings. Since about 1900 humans have had the ability to EASILY provide everyone on Earth with decent food, shelter, water, and medical care. That things like war, famine, and lack of medical care are still common is a human failing. There are no good arguments for God, and decent ones for God's nonexistence ... but humans' treating each other like garbage isn't one of them.

I never say this. But AMEN brother.


We've given god too many opportunities to create a miracle but it "ain't" gonna happen.


That’s a big if.


Why would an all powerful deity care? That assumption seems preposterous to me.

God is a tool used by man to gain power over men.


God had better explain.


A Picture is worth a thousand words. A Million and they are still blind to what is happening today. Not worry Joel Olsteen and Jimmy Swaggert are on the way with Bibles, Hopes and Prayers and the usual Bullshit that they sell on their web pages.


Yeah, I have the same same stance.
If there is a god... He/She/It has some serious explaining to do.

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