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Last weekend, I sat down to enjoy a big mug of coffee, only to have my hand suddenly do some weird tremor-thing, causing the mug of coffee to end up upside-down in my lap. It was hot, but I wasn't injured. I was just dumbfounded by what just happened and how.

i decided I needed to work on my grip and coordination, so I'm juggling again. Juggling is something I did constantly in my late teens, and less frequently each year for the next 20+ years, and not at all for the past 15-20 years.

Sadly, after all these years, I suck at juggling! My bifocals don't let me see the middle clearly, and when I take my glasses off, my astigmatism messes with depth perception. The only good thing happening is the workout I'm getting chasing little balls all over the room, and bending over to pick them up.

What has age and adult responsiblity stolen from you?

Ms_McSteven 7 Sep 7

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Things tend to take longer to heal and I don't have quite the energy as in the past (which could be just a motivation thing). A tremor in my left arm (but only when carrying something like a tea mug - This has been with me for some 15 years). However, I won't accept any maladies especially if I can do something about them.


I just want to say to all the men commenting here. It could be natural aging. It could be that you chopped wood or something the day before and your muscle is having a spasm. I have more of those as I age. BUT GUYS!! Don't be shy about going to the doc. Im on my own because my 56 YO "love of my life" refused to see a doc and died from a preventable condition. His parents outlived him by 30+ years. GO!


My sight... I grew up with 20-15 vision. One of my nicknames when I was younger was Eagle Eye. While my vision at distance is still very good, I need reading glasses for the fine print up close.

As a target shooter hobbist this can pose a problem. Aim, and I can see the target clearly but the sights are fuzzy... Wear my glasses and the sights are clear but the target can be fuzzy.

Getting older ain't for sissies!


Aging is not graceful


i'm not a responsible adult but old age has caused a deterioration/atrophy in all my physical abilities. i just get weaker & my golf handicap keeps going up.
anyone who says there is anything positive about old age is deluded.


Prostate volume down to a drop and drool


Sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.


A sudden tremor sounds like more than an age thing. Unless that coffee cup weighed around 5 lbs, I would go have medical possible causes ruled out. Don’t mess with it! Could be anything from a mini stroke, Parkinson’s to brain tumor. Best to find out early than wait to see if other symptoms develop.


Cat scan, STAT...if you describe what you did here to a doctor, you will get one, with dye, by the end of the week, and you should do so immediately! All these things are fixable if caught early! GO NOW!

@Ms_McSteven are you a doctor? Could have been a TIA, (a harbinger of a much bigger one) a growth on your brain, a lot of really bad stuff if ignored, easily treatable if found early. Are you willing to gamble? I had a stroke once upon a not have one! Flipping a full coffee cup is quite concerning.

@AnneWimsey are you a Dr.? I understand your concern... when we experience health issues we don't understand, we go to Drs (and lots of other health professionals) because we know what we don't know. Recommendingvtests or making wild guesses about possible diagnosis is exactly why she shoupdnt listen to people like you.

@MarkiusMahamius I am a person who had a stroke, after ignoring several signs because I was "only 38, and in excellent shape". Excuse me for trying to help someone avoid one...after 30 years, a stroke is truly the "gift that keeps on giving". A few tests could save a ruined life.


Next time you see your doctor be sure to mention what happened.

1of5 Level 8 Sep 7, 2019
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