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Jesus Christ had a great deal of appeal and credibility to the masses that follow him to this day. But doesn’t the fact that he embraced the Old Testament’s twisted teachings including the portrait of a mean, vengeful, jealous God, destroy his credibility? If Christ had chosen to distance himself from the Old Testament teachings, wouldn’t he have been more credible. (Isn’t it possible that he did but that the conservatives within the church hierarchy, chose to tell a different story?)

Dreamrider 6 Sep 10

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Totally agree. I suspect that some Christians turn away from religion when they learn this.

Christ believed in flat Earth, believed the sun went around Earth. Not to mention the other harsh and archaic beliefs the Judeic religions are founded on.


It was always a wonder to me when I questioned some of the behavior of the god of the OT that my elders would claim "Oh, that's OT. We have a new covenant now in the NT". OK but you have also taught me the scripture “For I the Lord do not change..." Malachi 3: .


I would say that the biggest threat is credibility itself. Exactly like Kryptonite.


I think you have to first prove christ was real. One thing to remember, the bible is the claim, not the evidence.

This is philosophical not scientific .

Did I say it was science? Do you settle for subjective evidence?


I doubt this "logic" will lure xians away towards is enabling the fiction believed to be historical.....always demand evidence square one....religions and alleged gawds are 7 thousand years old for square one with the first shaman to brain wash women for rape and boys to die in raiding parties.....belief about Vatican lies 12 centuries ago is being stuck in a toilet full of turds




The fact that he may never have existed has to be up there, along with missives to goatherders. (white jesus)


Romans copied Greek gawds and the alleged Mithra gawd.....there was no rabbi jesus nasoret nor any crucifixion 29 ce.....real King Herod died 4 bce making the fake backdated calendar just another stupid Vatican invention 800 years later


All religions are myths.


I suppose my Jewish upbringing may be behind some bias, but in any case I think the New Testament is extremely over-rated and not a good selling point for Christ. I sometimes (or often?) run into atheists who will put forth some variant of:

"Well, yes, obviously, there is no more god than there is a flying spaghetti monster to worship, but the moral teachings of the old [and/or new] testament should still be assumed as obviously the very definition of good."  

To which I say:

 "This is pernicious, harmful, unexamined and unsupported sacred cow nonsense."

I sometimes also say that the best thing about Judaism is that it's not Christianity (which isn't saying much for Judaism, if that really is the best thing about it).

None of this is to say that the originator of this thread is claiming moral excellence in the NT. Maybe they are just trying to look at the narrower question of what sells in certain time periods, which I guess has some validity on its own. It wouldn't have sold with me, but that is not a meaningful measure of aggregated demand estimates.

kmaz Level 7 Sep 11, 2019

I think an event n bigger threat to his credibility is the complete absence of any evidence that he ever existed.

JimG Level 8 Sep 11, 2019

Food for thought. It would be one reason the Sanhedrin wanted him dead. Although, I don't know why they couldn't have had him stoned instead of crawling to Pilot.

MrDMC Level 7 Sep 11, 2019

I would not classify this as the most significant factor in casting doubt on the credibility of the Jesus mythos.

This entire series is worth watching. Lots of great points.


People were confused when he was killed so they had to tell a different story. The earthly Messiah would now have to take on some heavenly mission in order for it to all make any sense. The problem was that it made no sense.

It made sense to some. How many million subscribers?


If you're a non believer , why do you care . What difference does it make ?

If he existed it’s an interesting question regardless of the religious aspects involved.
If he existed.... if he didn’t well then I’d agree with you

From time to time I guess I seek reassurance that I have chosen the right path....

I am always for an interesting discussion.


Tempest in a teapot


Gibberish = gibberish whether capitalized or not = geebush jeehobah yhwh ghostholes....just another alleged gawd .....nothing there to prEy to


Pinnochio is the same kind of fiction magic as the alleged baby gawd birthed by an alleged vaginal virgin in a dirty donkey stable....never happened and just another cruel insane story to brainwash people with

The message of Christ was the main attraction for Christians not the details of his birth. There had to be something special for so many millions of people to buy into Christianity.

@Dreamrider there was no teachings ....common crucifixions and death in the colleseums led victims to adopt a rebellious monotheism of sorts also popular with low ranking Roman soldiers liking Mithra.....Aramaic scrolls of the alleged era were made after the destruction of JERUSALEM over 50 years MINIMUM after the alleged Golgatha temporary torture death that NEVER HAPPENED....if you believe the forged Josephus ENTRY into his history ....that too is Vatican propaganda forged 800 years later.....crucified "saviours" are common back 500 years east of JERUSALEM in many fake religions.....only Buddhism and Mohammedism are based on real people.....but zero religions have extant gawds

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