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Had my first colonoscopy yesterday. This was probably what I was doing recovering from the drugs

Kojaksmom 8 Sep 12

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Hope you were okay afterwards.

Yeah i was fine.


I avoid them but I do drink aloe vera almost daily.


I just had one last month. The "prep" was the worst part and wasn't really that bad. The anesthesia was kinda fun. I've had worse experiences in a dentist's chair.


That's one of those jobs that makes me question the doctor's calling in life. Is there a day in school when the kids discuss careers, and there's the one voice that stands out among those who declare their interest in becoming an accountant, an officer in the military, or a programmer, to say, "I want to administer colonoscopies"? Are they working their way through med school when they hear someone say, "I hear you can make a shit ton of money performing colonoscopies"? Yeah, I've had one and the staff were all pleasant, but I'm still curious. . . and grateful it's only every 10 years.


Sounded like he blew an ass gasket . . . .


As Jeff Foxworthy said, "They pump you full of air and won't let you leave until you give it back."


When I had my first one, I asked to remain awake so I could see the "fascinating journey" through my insides. Fell asleep from sheer boredom after the first 3 minutes.....


I loved it and I am sure the nurse did too. lol


Oh no! I hate those things ! Are you ok ?????

Yeah I was totally knocked out. I don't even remember the massive farting! I was a little disappointed cuz I was kind of looking forward to making an idiot out of myself. Let's face it farts are funny.

@Kojaksmom they must have given you good drugs ! Lol

@Buddha they did! It was Propofol. The only thing I remember is watching them put it in my IV and then I remember them waking me up.

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