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Highly recommended.

RoadGoddess 7 Sep 17

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Great Read 👍🏼


Thanks for the suggestion....will see if I can find a copy to give it a read.


Thanks for the suggestion!


I just ordered it on kindle.


Looks good. I will check it out. Thank you.


Maybe worth checking out!!


IF someone wants to write a book about the secular nation actually worth a flip then they need to teach agnostics and atheists the differences between the abrahamic religions and the vedic lifestyles. right now the seculars and so-called "humanists" wrap christianity and islam with buddhist and vedantist and that's very ignorant.


The wealthy and their corporations have used religion and the family values farce in controlling those unwilling to comprehend how religion is used against them!!!

exactly right


What are its main theses? Why do you recommend it?
Is it more scholarly or general non-fiction?

Ditto,. Same questions.

@RoadGoddess Thanks, Road Goddess.
I am a professional historian and have much background in this area.

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