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Just finished another piece. This is UK wood.(unknown). My neighbor found it in a ditch.

PondartIncbendog 8 Sep 20

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Nice find! I have several my uncle made for me.


It’s really nice.

I turn wood also and I find it to be a very enjoyable hobby or art.

How about some pictures?

Here’s a few.

A few more. I’ve been doing it less than a year. Great fun!

I was looking at your bio and saw your art pieces—very nice!

@WilliamFleming Walnut?

@twill It’s poplar, or what we call poplar, also known as tulip tree.

The larger bowl above is pecan. Small pieces are wild black cherry.

@WilliamFleming Yup, got me a big Tulip Tree in the back yard. i think it's Indiana State Tree.
Soft wood, it drops some big branches. I keep it trimmed away from house.

It all looks good. Both you guys have talent!

@WilliamFleming Nice work! You must have a big lathe?

@WilliamFleming :Have you tried any resin pours?

@PondartIncbendog My lathe is a Grizzly with 16” swing. No, I haven’t tried resin pours. I’m still learning the basics.

I really like that bowl of yours above. Very nice finish. Is that lacquer?

@WilliamFleming Yes. I left it somewhat rough. I was going to use ecks on it but its too holy. Holey.

@PondartIncbendog Holey smokes, what is ecks?

@WilliamFleming Its a sealer and finishing grit for wood. Its like Yorkshire Grit. There are two types for each, coarse finishing and final finishing. Its expensive, twenty bucks apiece, but you get alot.

@PondartIncbendog, @WilliamFleming I originally set up "Passions" to give people with passion an opportunity to group and discuss until sufficient numbers of others joined to enable a viable breakaway group. Please feel free to join.


A....Mushroom Bowl?

twill Level 7 Sep 21, 2019

You just named it for me.


A thing of beauty.

Thank you so much!


Now that's downright cool.

Thank you. I give these away to people who find me wood.


This is very nice. Is it for indoor decor?


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