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The last male northern white rhino has died! ?

atheist 8 Mar 21

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That is a sad event. There is no doubt that the extiction was caused by humans.

What has me worried is that due to claimate change we are entering an phase on our planet of another mass extinction which i salso caused by humans or human activity. It takes several hundred hears for a mass extincdftion to take place, or at least this one will, but it has begun.

@atheist From what I read, it is mostly due to climate changes.


That's sad! 😟

balou Level 8 Mar 21, 2018

Have talked about cloning it and crossbreeding?

@atheist So true wail till it is broke them fix it is how most of the population thinks.



@atheist honestly it is fucked up but hey


I regret seeing any species go extinct. We should do our best to prevent this. Go online and search for video of extinct animals if you like. Some were filmed before we lost them forever.

Many think of a rhino as a bad animal. They have a wonderful sense of smell and bad eye sight. Put this together with a desire to protect themselves and you have the rhino pegged. Yes, he will killl you, but only because he is protecting himself and his kind.


How sad. We need to protect all wildlife.


Sad to say the writing was already on the wall. This last male rhino is the father and grandfather of the two remaining femalesβ€”both of whom are also too old and in poor health to likely be capable of reproduction.


I hope the Southern White Rhinos can pick up the slack.


They did save genetic material from him and plan to use it to reproduce using another rhino as a surrogate.

That is a very good idea and the only thing they can do at this time.

Yep, the procedure could costs upwards of $10 million and could take another decade to perfect according to Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

@atheist If God was involved he could have prevented the extinction in the first place. More evidence that as they say in Star Gate of "worshipping false Gods"


That's just so sad to me. Humans are so arrogant. We think this planet "belongs" to us.

Stephen Hawking says our arrogance will be the end of us and I think he is probably right.

@misstuffy I've been saying the same thing for a long time, too. The Ancient Greeks called it "hubris". Humans are loaded with it. We've never deserved this planet. It'll go on long after we've been removed from it. At least until the Sun goes, anyway.


I think this song sadly says it all

well, the lyrics seemed like a bit of fun back then as did life but they have become oh so real l now.


its terrible but most creatures are going to die including humans if we don't curb our greedy self-centred complete destruction of natural habitat and breeding habits for our own gain.we are trying to live infinitely on a finite planet.

we are, C02 levels are way past saving for a start and all I see around me is new builds and less land and always have. if you google human population growth above and beyond births and deaths you should be blown away. 270,000,000,000 tons of sand taken for all sorts last year alone which blows my mind. 8 million tons of just plastic in the ocean every year. 2.5 million tons of pesticides sprayed every year. what do you see?

We need an emergency back up planet. I fantasize a lot of escaping to one and leaving the religious zealots behind. Setting up a culture that lives in harmony with the planet and where logic, reason and science rule our thinking and not superstition. Its just a pipe dream but even so, it would be nice.

yes or kick all the believers off of this planet would be better while we are dreaming. they could be closer to there God too.


Another victory for mankind? Another species down?

it just seems like a victory

@LeighShelton It really scares the hell out of me. So many species gone in such a small time frame.

we will be there soon, it's just sad the wonderful life we will take with us


I'll bet he has some sperm in a freezer somewhere

yes but what about habitat

well... i don't think so. but i'll do my best and hope that everything comes out ok.

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