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Kevin McCarthy has the cajones to request Nancy Pelosi suspend impeachment hearings until the criminal White House has a handle on it? WTF were you thinking?????

sassygirl3869 9 Oct 3

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I really think this guy is just dumb ?

He is the guy that after Hillary was questioned for over eleven hours told the news people that the investigation was just a show and that they did not really think they were going to find anything new.


McCarthy doesn't realize it's a septum of the same problem.


Wait, wait! We have to give the president time to destroy all the relevant documents! Does anyone remember Reagan and Oliver North’s mad dash to shred all documents relevant to illegally supplying arms to Nicaraguayen rebels? Nixon I am sure would have liked more time to burn the tapes or at least add more blank spaces.


First off the comment " is customary." was really a shock. Since when has this administration done anything as is customary? Perhaps Pelosi should have said OK if you also follow the customary rules and release his tax forms and air all his other dealings as is customary for a public servant.

I just seems the republicans are, again, being hypocritical as they want to see the House's hand after hiding and continuing to hide theirs after 3 years.


Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, you are not only a putz you're an ignorant ass.


Oooh, can we wait until they load up & aim the mortars & cannons before we send in the SWAT Team? WTF?!

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