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To quote Darius Rucker, “When was the last time you did something for the first time”.

Alliegirl 7 Mar 22

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Headed to iceland hiking!


I do open mics. I am constantly adding new material to my set


Yesterday. But I try to do something new every day.


Well, let's see. I think I would have to say that I last did something for the 1st time (and, presumably the last time) when I escorted my daughter to the "altar" on Dec. 9 of last year.


@Archer thank you.


I started mounted archery a year ago last Memorial Day Weekend. I'm hooked and I'm pretty good at it! Imagine that!

What is "mounted archery"? Like from horseback?

@Condor5 yes like the Mongols. Shoot at targets from a gallop.

@Archer oh, very cool, but I'll bet it's pretty difficult.

@Condor5 thanks. Think it was made for me. Been riding most of my life and started archery in my mid twenties. If the horse is too fast I have trouble nocking arrows. Lots to learn but I'm enthusiastic!

@Archer, that sounds like a very skillful art. Hats off to you.

@Condor5 thanks Condor! It's great fun learning something new!

@Archer always keep that attitude and you'll be alright.


Changed my own car headlamps about a month ago.

Before that bought my own house all by myself in November. (Lots of firsts came with that - mounting TV, hanging pegboard in garage, etc.)

Before that.....went snow skiing in April of 2017.


Awesome question.

Thank you. ?


First time I have a roommate.


Yesterday, I watched it snow on the first day of spring. I could do without that for a while.


I used 5 gallons of paint stripper to scrape my driveway to rid it of an ugly beige color.

That sounds like hard work. ?


Last time I had sex..


Every day -- maybe a new "recipe", maybe a new walking route. Chatting w/ someone while waiting at the DMV -- I've just moved to a DC apartment after 50 years or so of suburban life - it's all new, all over again. LOVING IT!!

Very cool on the DC move! Good for you!


Every day, I experience that day for the first time. The past doesn't matter, I can't change that. The future hasn't happened yet. I still have a chance to influence it, but it's not a part of me yet. The here and now has arrived and I am hn it for the first time. Today is a blank slate and I can write my story on it any way I want.

I like that. ?


Last weekend I saw two gray whales mating west of LA’s coast. Marine research isn’t a dull affair.

Marz Level 7 Mar 22, 2018

Wow. That'll stick in the memory the rest of your life.

Awesome. That does sound incredible.


Right now, replacing the newel post & bannisters & spindles on my stairway which I figured would be fairly simple...until the edges of the treads started I am also learning about epoxy wood filler. Be careful what you wish for!

You remind me of a lovely retired teacher I used to see once a year. She used to usually turn up in the middle of winter wearing thick hand knitted woollen socks inside solid brogues, thick tweed skirt and jacket and thick knitted woollen bonnet. After hello I would always ask how her year had been. One year she responded by telling me that she had excelled herself by ripping out a sash window and its frame after having removed the glass, replaced with new woodwork and puttied the glass back into place.
I think that she was 83 that year. She will be long dead now as it was something like 30+ years ago. Another life long ago but thank you @AnneWimsey for stirring that beautiful memory from an otherwise grim time.

@FrayedBear i want to be just like her when i grow up!


Last night, I had a very good Indian dish for the first time that contained chicken and spinach.

BD66 Level 8 Mar 22, 2018

Yum!!! Did you have naan bread too?

Sure did, plain and garlic both!


Today. 🙂

marga Level 7 Mar 22, 2018

Short and sweet. ?


I went to Boston for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and did a ton in the few days I was there. It was a fun trip.


I am going to try a pumelo tonight? Never seen one before.
But actually doing something new? Geez, ummm, um. Seriously, my one and only plane trip about 22-23 years ago?

I think new foods qualify. After all, there are only so many different modes of transportation you can try out. 🙂

Pommelo,pumelo make beautiful marmalade and a fabulous drink. To make the drink slice the peel off the white pith. Remove all the pith and discard it. Squeeze the juice into a bowl, add peel and half a litre of filtered water. Stand for at least 12 hours preferably 24. Chill, drink and enjoy.

@FrayedBear ta for that, I will try that tomorrow, I just had a small piece of the fruit, like a very dry grapefruit, bit coarse in texture. Juice should be interesting.

@Rugglesby To be honest I've never eaten it raw. If fresh it should be juicy but it depends on the rainfall. Normally with citrus winter provides better fruit and more. Your tree or bought/ given? I noted about 2 months ago Woollies had American imports at a silly price. Try the marmalade, there are recipes on the web. On the drink the flavour really comes from the yellow skin - you can probably accelerate the flavour transfer by simply using a fine point grater on the skin to release the oil out of the skin.

@FrayedBear One of the ladies who worked with me at the community gardens gave it to me, her son grows them.. I am going to take your advice and try the marmalade, the skin on this one is green, but the flesh inside is bright orange. Will let you know how it goes, thanks.

@Rugglesby That's a new variety. I've only seen yellow skin and white-green flesh. But you can still try both. In making the marmalade you slice up the skin into shreds the size that you like then soak them 12 hours minimum - that's when I discovered the taste of the liquid is good - to my palate. By the way do not discard the pips, put them in a stainless steel tea making mesh strainer or conical sieve so they can be boiled in the process to extract the pectin to get the marmalade to set.

How was it? I’ve seen them at the grocery store and always wanted to try one, but they’re so expensive.

@Alliegirl to be honest, I am not a fan, this one was very dry and bitter. I like grapefruit, but I wouldn't go out and buy one of these.

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