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So has anyone else read OT Ezekial? I'm taking some bible courses because I attend a Christian university and this week we read it. I told my professor that this book alone has the power to disprove the rest of the bible since clearly this guy had a really bad weekend after experimenting with some DMT. Now everyone puts it right next to all the other books they believe so strongly in. If it's likely that Ezekiel had a psychotic break but his ravings were recorded and put in the bible anyway as historical fact, what's that say about the rest of the OT or their authors and their reliability?

Platosdisciple 5 Mar 22

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Undiagnosed frontal lobe Epilepsy is what precipitated most of the ancient visions, hallucinations and the subsequent phrophesies IMHO.

They still do don't they?

@Platosdisciple visions and hallucinations do, not so much the resulting prophesies being revered though.


Genesis is enough for the whole bible to fall apart.



Very few well-educated people think the Bible contains anything in the way of historical fact these days, except within fundamentalist religious organisations. A book called 'The Bible Unearthed' by Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman gives a very thorough and readable account of current thinking on the putting together of the Bible.


The Bible might be a source of wisdom if taken for what it is but keep in mind that it says what, and only what, a few inbred kings and perverted priests want it to say as a means of controlling and raping the ignorant masses in as many ways as possible. Everything is made of energy and all energy has a source but I cannot imagine any human mind comprehending such a source.


The 37th chapter of Ezekiel has a very clear explanation of resurrection of the people of Israel. Yet the Christians ignore resurrection and substitute the idea of the dead immediately going to Heaven or Hell upon death.


There is no evidence for anything except speculation.


Technically, nothing. It speaks only to Ezekiel's state of mind. Even there, the options are:

  1. He actually witnessed this stuff
    a) LITERALLY this stuff
    b) Misinterpreting things he didn't understand (e.g., visiting aliens)
  2. He hallucinated this stuff
  3. He imagined this stuff

The most likely explanation is (3). A close second is (2), followed by 1( b ) and, very very distantly, by 1( a ).

Then of course you are arguing against Biblical literalists / interrantists. There are always liberal Christians who will take it all symbolically / metaphorically and don't feel obligated to protect this drivel as god-breathed perfection.


The Skeptic's Annotated Bible is great if you are still arguing with people incapable of contemplating facts.


The story of Noah's ark and the scientific evidence that that story is false vs. the evidence that story is true should be enough to convince anyone with a shred of sanity that the Bible is a book of fairy tales.

BD66 Level 7 Mar 22, 2018

"shred of sanity". A hard thing to find among the thumpers.


The ancient aliens believers have suggested that Ezekial was describing a intersteller space ship and it's occupants. Well, it makes for a gripping yarn anyway.

Love Ancient Aliens 'cause half the script is 'Ancient alien theorist believe (insert topic) aliens!' Lol!


It's been a long time since I read the old testament, guess I need to dust it off again.

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