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BREAKING NEWS: Rachel Maddow of MSNBC reveals Trump had Guiliani do a dry run of working with Ukraine to get dirt on Joe Biden and obstruct the Mueller investigation back in 2017. So they tried it out 3 years ago! WTF!!!! Will anyone care? By the way it was over requested purchase of Javellin missiles......

sassygirl3869 9 Nov 4

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Trump is totally for sale. Information on opponents, vote fraud, opponent hacking, he will pay for any of it, and thanks to his TV fan club, now he gets to pay with taxpayer funds.


Finally found the video!!


Rachel is one hellva investigative journalist! There was a story she did back in 2017 on a hotel property associated with trump. Here is a link to the transcript. A MUST read - long but worth it.
My question is why is this not being followed up on by our elected officials.
It's starts out talking about galloping Gertie and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge but just read through and you'll get where she is going.


This has all been told before. It is all old news. It just may be that now there is real documentation for this and so it will be used against the orange turd. He cannot get past this as there are videos of conversations.

@dalefvictor Oh! I know it's old news BUT most people have forgotten about a lot of it. Then there is the group who do not watch Maddow or pay much attention now or back when many were willing to give trump a chance. Like the farmers losing their farms, they don't know about this stuff. If, IF it can be brought out and the daisy chain of trump's corrupt connection can be succinctly laid out Maybe just MAYbe enough of the gop that claim they support him (like 20 or so in the senate) will realize they need to get rid of trump for their own sake.

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