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Is secularism the same as atheism or is it part of atheism?


Mcflewster 7 Nov 7

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Secularism has to do with the separation of church and state.. Atheism only has one meaning, disbelief in gods.


Nah. Loads of secular religious folks...and rightly so

The article gets it bang on


Secularism is not part of atheism. They are two separate things. Not all atheist are secularest, and not all secularist are atheist.


I would suggest it quite natural for an atheist, who is someone who lives their life without religion to support secularism, keeping religion out of government. Not entirely a necessary consequence of atheism but understandably common. However Atheism isn't a requirement for secularism. The founding fathers of the USA included people very religious in their own way but with good reason to be cautious about the establishment of state sponsored religious practices. Non secular states can be as cruel to to other faiths as to those without faith.

Like your appreciation of USA history


You can be a theist who practices secularism or adheres to secularism in some aspects of your life. Atheism and secularism are not synonymous.

Deb57 Level 8 Nov 7, 2019

secularism is, as far as i know, the belief that religion should not be part of government. believers and unbelievers alike can be secularists.



Secularism is the principle of separation of the state from religious institutions. It is quite separate from atheism, and there are many religious people who are also proponents of secularism.

I do know that at one stage members of the NSS had to be instructed by their leader over what secularim meant. Just like having lived through a lack of explanation of Brexit.

@Mcflewster There are some shockingly ignorant people around. Why we think any organisation should not attract the dense and wilfully stupid ...even NSS (or Agnostics for that matter) I can’t imagine!

@Marionville People are People. Love 'em or leave 'em. ?


Not the same


Nope. Secularism is the separation of religion from the rest of life.


I really liked the last sentence that proposes the idea that healthcare, education, and justice should all be secular. Secularism on the social level, atheism on the personal choice level...but not necessarily related since, as the articles states, a secular society will protect the civil rights of all, believers and non-believers alike. I doubt very much the same goes for theocratic societies!


IMO... Secularism is orthogonal to atheism and religion -- the concepts should operate in different directions.

For example the Constitution of the United States apparently intends to be a secular document. It prohibits governmental (its sphere) actions regarding religion -- both for religion and/or against.

Issues come up of course when people disagree with that attitude -- as with the clergy answering for abuse allegations and with church privileges as with tax exemptions.
Nobody says life is simple. Lol.😎,

Additional: I looked at the article without noticing the organization.
I agree. Thanks for the link -- it looks interesting.


Good to know more about! Thanks for posting.


I think secularism ignores god while atheism denies the existence of god.

Nuke Level 5 Nov 11, 2019

And the god topic needs "SORTING"


It's semantics. Who cares?

Secularism is a movement which confuses many peoples thinking. I would much rathere aim to get rid of religion altogether than have a sort of apartheid split society

@Mcflewster Back to my point, you do what suits you, so does everybody else.


Look it up. is your friend.


  1. the doctrine or belief that there is no God.

  2. disbelief in the existence of a supreme being or beings.


  1. secular spirit or tendency, especially a system of political or social philosophy that rejects all forms of religious faith and worship.

  2. the view that public education and other matters of civil policy should be conducted without the introduction of a religious element.

I have nothing against Dictionaries. Freedom of speech prevents me altering any but Carl Sagan's definition of Fantasy is a ' blanket ' one which was gained through looking at lots of definitions. as with Fake news we should not have just one source. Just one other illustration that we are social animals. I do like the fact that you have given 2X2 definitions coming from 2 different angles in each case. Well almost.


They are separate. An example: There are some religious families that homeschool yet use secular material. They might be a blended faith family. This does not in itself make them an atheist. As an atheist homeschool mom myself I can't stand when these "secular" types point out neutral resources. Yes there is a difference.


not at all. atheism is only about the lack of having any god beliefs. secularism , is about the position of including everyone in our society , secularism seeks to interpret life on principles taken solely from the material world, without recourse to religion.


I do not believe in god or gods...and I do believe in keeping religion out of government....maybe a distant relative to each other, but I don't see the two things as kissing cousins.

"Kissing cousins" means unlikey to form a productive union.Am I right?

@Mcflewster if I have science right, would probably form a de-formed, union.

@HankSherman I think you are right but ask a geneticist

@Mcflewster got google???

@HankSherman Ok you might get a satisfactory answer there. I haave not had the problem but it does need finding out by some people.


Read a dictionary and you will know the difference.

There are too many dictionaries which do not move with the times. Sometimes they are not staffed fully with scientific types of thinking. Scientists are the ones who demand upon meaningful defitions for their income,resepct and livelihood.

@Mcflewster You probably mean "too" many, just looked it up in Merriam Webster online. They seem pretty much up to date.

@Mofo1953 Please see my updated reply. Thanks for correcting!


This sounds like a great organization!


I read this on wiki and seems to me it doesn't really relate to an individual but more for a group.
From WIKI: Secularism, as defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary,[1] is the "indifference to, or rejection or exclusion of, religion and religious considerations". In certain context, the word can refer to anticlericalism, atheism, desire to exclude religion from social activities or civic affairs, banishment of religious symbols from the public sphere, state neutrality toward religion, the separation of religion from state, or disestablishment (separation of church and state).


Google them both.

You expecting cohesion from that?

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