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Donald Trump has accomplished one thing: He has almost singlehandedly turned national level Republican politicians, with a few exceptions, into a party of morally bankrupt and corrupt liars. But, it was not a great leap to accomplish that, given the likes of McConnell, Rand Paul, Jim Jordan, Nick Mulvaney, Ted Cruz and a number of others.

wordywalt 8 Nov 13

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Mark Rubio, Pam Bondi (she turned down working for him) but she's his "TYPE" blonde, small etc. No it was easy to turn them all into criminals and who knows what they were doing before Dump entered the picture. He speaks to the 'bad' in their nature attracting more 'bad'

Like many corrupt Republican politicians, Trump tends to appoint attractive, ambitious and ethically challenged women to office. Jeb Bush and Rick Scott did it in Florida.


The US Supreme Court needs to abandon its “sincerely held religious belief” fantasy.


He’s forced them into the sunlight.. I hope they bake!

Varn Level 8 Nov 14, 2019

Almost all of em were exactly the same 5 years ago. He didn't change anything on a party level


That Senate Republicans sacrifice their Party to Trump shows America the Party’s weakness and how desperately they need power.


Leap? It was hardly a step. He’s a symptom, not a cause.


I think he just accelerated their downward spiral.

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