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Is it too early to make fun of Winter? I think not! Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with the northern winters. I love the beauty and peacefulness of freshly fallen snow but hate how long it lasts. So for now I enjoy winter in the southwest. A couple of the memes refer to Michigan but I'm sure they can apply to any of the northern states. Add your own in the comments.

"Michiganders" Group

BeeHappy 9 Nov 16

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Just found this.


I adore winter. It's by far my favourite season, with autumn in second place (because autumn means winter is coming) and spring a very distant third - summer isn't on the list, I loathe summer.

You're fortunate to get proper winters. Here in the UK, with the exception of some parts of Scotland, we don't really get winters at all: there might be a couple of frosty days, though the temperature doesn't dip below freezing very much, and perhaps once every few years we might get a very light dusting of snow. Most years, though, it'll just be damp and cold for a couple of months before it starts getting hot again.

Jnei Level 8 Nov 16, 2019

My favorites are almost the exact opposite. Lol. Different strokes for different folks! 😁

In my Britain you get seven months of cold and damp, with regular frosts up to late June. Want to swap houses ?

@Fernapple You must live in a microclimate - the rest of us have been having increasingly long, hot summers for the last 25 years or so!

@Jnei No just the north east.

@Fernapple Grimsby is in the NE...? I lived in Bamburgh for a year and a half - that's the NE! 🙂

@Jnei Well then you know the winters are more than half the year.

@Fernapple Not when I was there - more snow than down here admittedly, but it was still hot for at least seven months!

@Jnei You are either young and hot blooded or you had a good year. LOL No of course our cold is not often on the scale that they get in Michigan, but I get a plant killing June frost here in most years, and I often envy what they can grow on the west coast, even Stranraer, where they grow things like cabbage palms and pensitimons out side, which we could not even dream of.


My usual morning greeting is "I'm so over winter."

That would come in month 3, 4 or 5 for me! Lol

@BeeHappy We had snow about two weeks ago and traffic was messed up. , This week on Monday we had snow, traffic was MESSED up. On Tuesday traffic was messed up by an accident caused by snow and stupid drivers. Yeah, I'm OVER winter already.


Really love these, they are some of the best memes yet. And don't you just love it too, when the snow has melted a bit and the you get cold rain on top of the slush. Or maybe you don't get that in Michigan.

Lol... you might be pulling my leg. 😁


Lol funny love them


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