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Lecherous Italian priest outsmarted by his victim. The local church, of course, tried to cover it up. You know, just like Jesus would do??? ...and the priest himself threatened the child and equated her to a terrorist killer. Praise the Lord? 😒

MikeInBatonRouge 8 Nov 21

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Funny how the church hollered “terrorist” Poor kid. Terrorist = “witchcraft”, right?


The Popes of the past few decades have said they will take punitive action against these priests. No action (except moving the priest to a new location) has ever been taken. All the Pope is good for is lip service. Until their congregations stand up to that church, no action will ever be taken. They like it until public news breaks and then they just wait for the next newsworthy thing comes up.


The priest is detestable. And the church is detestable for not doing more to stop this kind of thing, or at least punish it.


Religion was based on politics and money. Sadly it's still going strong 😟


Fucking catholic's and their church need to be destroyed for allowing this horror to continue happening to children. My own mother was raped by a catholic priest when she was 9 years old. Needless to say, my mother didn't believe in any god or the church for the rest of her life. She raised my sister, brother and I to make our own decision about religion. We made our decisions. There is no god, and the church is nothing more than a money making scam.


Catholic is Italian for organized crime, I think.



Fucking hypocrites!


Sick, disgusting man


Even better, let's teach all of our girls self-defense skills. Screw ballet, get them into Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga, or other martial arts. It is up to all of us to raise strong women, so much stronger than all the halfwits who continue to support the status quo. #GirlRising

Nice image, but I am afraid that would backfire. Yes, girls need to learn self defense, in part for confidense and self respect. But these Catholic asswipes who do anything to excuse this clergy behavior would surely punish the girls for "unruly violent behavior, and a small child, no matter physical skill, remains vulnerable from a much bigger, stronger man.

@MikeInBatonRouge Speaking from personal experience Mike? It is ALWAYS a good idea to teach a girl how to defend herself. Girls experience harassment their entire lives...starting young. A well-placed kick can do some definite damage. #RESIST

@ReadyforaChange yes, like I said, "girls need to learn self defense."

@ReadyforaChange absolutely right on teaching self defence to young girls, to overcome “freeze response”. Not just cute classes that tell you to scream as loudly as possibly & groin strike. Serious martial arts training (more than a year!) It teaches confidence, but also helps bring out polite warrior character. Kids need to know what to do if confronted or attacked. Being weaker doesn’t mean don’t fight back, a good teacher will always teach to leave/run from possible injury, as well, if running is a choice in a perilous situation.


If you send your child into a church give it an iPhone. Teach your child to stream the abuse video in real time to YouTube. Eventually, after enough prosecutions, the abuse will taper off.


I hope the priest gets his just desserts in prison.


Thank gawd for recording devices, otherwise they probably would have tried to exorcise her.......


Why do 10 year olds have no credibility in this world? Why would she fear telling her mother? What the hell is the problem with those parishioners?
DAMN, this story - like ALL the abuse tales from the Catholic church - is disturbing on so many levels.

Women and girls are still largely without value in this patriarchal shithole world.

@ReadyforaChange Pretty much 😟.


Let the clergy marry!

This is a fallacy, you know...pedophiles cannot be deterred by being married, in fact on their "how-to websites it is recommended to camouflage their proclivities

@AnneWimsey Okay. So, just LOCK THEM UP!


There may be an argument against what you are saying. This being, there is a higher per capita of rape, both children and nuns, by Catholic priests, versus other types of clergy which can marry.

@Heathenman nope, simply means that professions that give easy access to children attract pedophiles (scout leaders, priests, etc.)

@AnneWimsey Well, IF they are so 100% in favor of being celibate for their beloved religion then ensure they don't 'stray' by chemically sterilizing them right at the start, the CRAPolic Church had absolutely NO compunctions when it came to cutting off the genitalia of choir boys for hundreds of years ( The Castrati ) before they reached puberty so as to 'preserve ' their ' angelic singing voices' and chemical Castration would be far less traumatic than having some Priests hold you down while another SLICED away at your genitals wouldn't it, though given the way so many CRAPolic Priests have abused child after child relentlessly over the centuries I'd , personally, be in favor of the like for like method.

@Triphid one minute we are all discussing pedophiles, and suddenly you are aaawwaaay with castration of children? Oookkkaaaayyyyyyy.

@AnneWimsey Well, was suggesting a SOLUTION to the CRAPOLIC Churches Paedo-Priest problem.
After all does NOT the bible state " Do unto others as you would do unto them" (or words similar) ?
As I stated previously and it IS FACT, the CRAPOLIC Church PRACTISED the CASTRATION of Choir boys for centuries to create and maintain the 'angelic singing voices' for Church Choirs, is that NOT yet another example of Child Abuse perpetrated by Priests?

@Triphid aaaannndd lotta caps! Try decaf?

@AnneWimsey Only use Decaf in the evenings AND then ONLY IF real necessary whilst working on my studies, etc.), normal coffee in the mornings and 1-2cups per morning maximum per day.
During the rest of the day I much prefer a decent cup of fresh made Billy Tea as a liquid refreshment.

@Triphid what is Billy tea?


Okay. Not sure about what you said. There seems to be a larger per capita ratio of rape in the Chatholic organization verses that of other organizations like the Boy Scouts. The same is true when comparing sexual assaults between priests from different religions. The strongest compelling variable is Chatholic priests and nuns forced celibacy.

@AnneWimsey Well, in the Australian Outback in particular we don't have Tea or Coffee Shops/Cafes around every corner, so when one is camping or traveling through the outback one carries a tin pot called A Billy, usually with the capacity of around 1 litre, a packet of Tea leaves and a packet of matches with which to start a small camp fire.
Into the Billy one pours cold water and then places the Billy, with the water in it of course, into the edge of the fire and waits for it boil.
Then one adds the tea leaves, lets them steep for a spell, then pours the solution into a cup and VOILA one has Billy Tea to drink, one can add sugar to sweeten it or even milk in the form of condensed milk which comes in a handy tube which means it cannot spoil and curdle like ordinary milk will.

@Triphid I use boxed milk when I am off-grid in the RV...even though there are plenty of coffee places, I got tired of spending the $$ plus tramping around at odd times....the boxed milk needs no refrigeration until it is opened, comes in 1%, 2%, and "whole". Tastes slightly sweeter than "real" milk but quite tasty! I tested it on my kitchen counter, in hot weather, and it was perfectly delicious after 3 full days, which is about how long it takes me to use it up anyway. I have never seen milk products in a tube! How long does it last after opening, or is it single-use?

@AnneWimsey Well, what we Aussie call Condensed Milk IS actual milk that has condensed into a thick liquid-like paste similar to toothpaste, we can buy either as Sweetened or Unsweetened and even once opened it can last for weeks on end, in fact I have an opened tube of it in what I call " My Bush Kit' that was last used in July this year, it has been kept at room temperature since then and only this morning I chose to add it my coffee instead of ordinary milk, it was still as fresh as it was when I first opened and used it.
I also buy in tins for use when making my mayonnaise as well.

@Triphid wow, I wonder if they have that on Amazon? Brand name, please?


Again that statement doesn't hold merit in this case. Numbers don't lie and they are stacked against what you originally stated to me.

Maybe see it this way. During the Holocaust, there are cases where people would fight for small scraps of food. This pitted parents and offspring against each other. The motivation was starvation. Stockholm Syndrome is another example of people turning against what they believe is wrong.

Physcology has shown the brain developes and companionship is necessitated at some levels. There is something rottin in both you and me because there are monsters in everyone. This is the case no matter how perfect they think they are. Forced abstinence likely feeds and grows a monster.

@AnneWimsey Well, it comes under numerous company product names, but the main one I use is " Nestles Condense Milk," available in either 379 grams cans or 75gram tubes at corner stores and Supermarkets almost everywhere across Australia.

@Triphid we have something called "condensed milk" in a can, to use in desserts, thick & sickeningly sweet usedin a frosting or similar. I would never put it in coffee.....yuck! I think it must be a case of same/similar name but not the same thing at all.

@AnneWimsey Condensed Milk we get here is thick but using it in coffee, etc, saves on adding sugar IF it is the sweetened variety that is.


Lock him up!



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