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I've already said more "Happy Thanksgivings" than
I intended to, and I'm sure I'll say more before the day is
However, to me, today is just Thursday.
I don't like the idea of one designated day to "give thanks" for anything. I detest that so many people in this country will stuff themselves like gluttons today, and so much food will be wasted while so many people will still be hungry. Then, many people will completely forget what they're supposed to be "thankful" for, while they fight others for "bargains".

I know, I know, curmudgeon. Perhaps, but whatever.
This is something that has bugged the hell outta me for a really LONG time.

If you can't be grateful for the good things and good people in your life EVERY DAMNED DAY, why is one day on the calendar good enough to do it?

I hope everyone enjoys their feasting and whomever you're sharing the day with. What I really hope is that everyone knows and appreciates all the good things in their lives all
the other 364 days of the year.

KKGator 9 Nov 28

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I pity them apparent need to fake appreciation for what the healthy among us find in other ways, daily. Agree completely; thank you ~

Varn Level 8 Nov 28, 2019

The idea of this day lost it's appeal when I learned the true history of the white invasion of the Native Peoples land.

I agree, however, I do a family get together and feast.
I didn't even say " those impeachment hearings are something else " like one comedian


Happy Friday Eve!


“This must be Thursday”...“I never could get the hang of Thursdays.”*

*Arthur Dent, galactic traveler, from the best 5 part trilogy ever wrtten.

1of5 Level 8 Nov 28, 2019

Today is just another day. BUT with the inconvenience of many stores, banks, and restaurants closed.

I was going to go to a church charity dinner but I don't think I will.

Got some fine leftovers that need eating.

Have not had to acknowledge ANY holidays yet (so far)


Somehow , "EVERY DAMNED DAY," just doesn't strike me as being thankful to anyone for anything , ever .


The best thing in my life having my 11-year-old son living with me full time. So I'm reminded how thankful I am every day... 🙂


When I was an "employee", holidays = paid days off usually with family and/or friends.
Now that I freelance, holidays = days off usually with family and/or friends.

Not since I learned Santa and the Easter Bunny weren't real have I believed any of the given reasons for any "holiday". Working in retail during Xmas season didn't help either.


I agree and I feel and do the same.


Today is also just a Thursday for me mainly due to me getting sick this morning and not feeling well enough to travel 4 hours to see my family.

Hope you feel better soon!

@KKGator Thank you!


*Gives internet equivalent to a high-five"



thanksgiving from the native Americans perspective.


We can give thanks every day, but a huge meal is another story. I always try to express gratitude, except in traffic. If we cooked like this every day, oy.

So far, the only thing I've made today is coffee and an english muffin.
My nephew's wife is cooking today. I'll help if I'm asked, but I am
not planning to cook today.
Enjoy your day!

@KKGator Wait. Don't you love to cook though? That's the impression I got when you mentioned you enjoyed seeing people eat your food. I'd have guessed you'd love to participate in the cooking today despite the questionable histpry of the holiday.

@Sgt_Spanky I like to cook when I want to, not when it's expected.


OH Lard this day we give thanks that you did not see fit to give the injuns, tanks, cannons or machine guns, (or an immunity to small pox) so as when our ancestors landed here and started stealing every damn thing they could get their filthy paws on them heathen savages could not fight back.
Aaaaaaa- men!

Epically nailed!!

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