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So coming up to Christmas please tell me Athiests what you think of the Holiday season since you don't believe in Christ ?

AdrianDiadato3 5 Dec 18

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I enjoy the 25th of December to hell with the 2 months before it .


"Christ" is/was a very late addition to the celebration of longer days.


I like Christmas, and celebrate it. For me; however, it has nothing to do with Christ.

I like it because people try to be nicer to each other. I like it because I get a little endorphin rush when I see somebody I care about happily opening a gift I gave them, but I also get that rush when I open something for me. I like it because it brings family and friends together.

What I dislike is that some people become more pious and prosthelytizing. Oh, and the shmoltzy movies. I can live without many of the shmoltzy movies.


This question is asked repeatedly.


Why did you repost this previous post ? Do you want my attention ? What is a more interesting question ?


It's not interesting to atheists. You sound like a Christian who sees us as an oddity. For atheists, it's a boring, repetitive question.

I have been an atheist since age 13, when I realized the Bible is just a book of stories written by men. Like Grimm's Fairy Tales. I chose rational thought, not magical beliefs.

Here's a more interesting question:

Why Are Educated People More Likely to Be Atheists?

I have a Master degree.



So you understand the comment by @ToolGuy:


verb (used with object), re·i·fied, re·i·fy·ing.

  1. to convert into or regard as a concrete thing:
    to reify a concept.


@LiterateHiker to test and make 100% certain

Alot of Science still isnt 100% proven and just speculation


For me this holiday season is just another annoying phenomenon that should be accepted as such. Don't bother to make value judgements.


There are a lot of complaints about corporate greed at this time of the year. In fairness to all, it is called capitalising on ideas. And capitalising on an idea/holiday/event is what keeps the world's economies going. Just saying...

Well, as for this prophet/massiah/dead carpenter on a stick who was immaculately conceived (yeah right, explain that one to Joseph won't you Mary?) and was miraculously had his birthday not celebrated on it's actual date but precisely on an ancient Roman holiday called Juvinalia (A celebration of children whereupon they receive gifts from their elders, sound familiar?) Nuff said.

For myself, it's just a season like any other, there's no need to go crazy over it. I don't celebrate it at all and have always worked over Christmas time anyway, so it has no meaning to me whatsoever, I do like all the overtime pay though. See? Capitalising on an event/holiday. It keeps MY economy going. 😁


Christmas is so much fun!! It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I agree 100 %


His name was just plain old Jesus.


Happy Festivus...........


I'm still close with my family and if the religious holiday season brings then joy, their joy makes me happy.
For me, I borrow a lot of things from the neo-pagans.
Putting the old year to bed, starting the new year fresh.


I am usually too busy with work to think about it. I enjoy what I can out of it--basically being with my kids and grand kids. Other than that, I just wait for it to be over.


I still like it. It makes me think how we used to aspire to universal brotherhood.


I love Christmas, having never believed in Christ, in the same way you love Christmas, having never believed in Santa.

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