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My girlfriend just asked me if i would still love her if she didn’t have any skin?? um...

averykings 6 Dec 20

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Maybe, maybe not. But in any event you could sure make some money showing her off !


wtf prompted that question? Did she watch a documentary about acid burning or about burn victims or something? πŸ˜•


With all due respect to your GF -- this is extremely ... searching for a gentle word here ... odd. What kind of hypothetical is that?? It'd be like asking my wife if she'd still love me if I had a blank where my face should be, which is sort of a proxy for asking if she'd love me if I weren't entirely human or myself. It's like confusing some aspect of her humanity with the whole of it.

If I were you I'd try to get her to unpack what's behind the question. Although I'd be a little afraid to find out what it is, I think it might be, um, important to sort that out.

To to honest, i was to scared to ask her to expand on her question, she frightens me sometimes LOL

@averykings I would be scared as hell.


Excuse my twisted sense of humor, but this idea makes me think of the movie character of Hannibal Lector, serial killer, saying something like "I would like to wear your face"........

I love that movie haha

@averykings Twisted minds think alike.....


Would it matter if her skin was suddenly removed, or suddenly became invisible?

She said if it was suddenly removed.


Change the subject quick! "Look, a white buffalo in our yard!" Then go hide in the basement until she sobers up......

She scares me sometimes 😢

@averykings With good reason!


That would be really icky!

Very icky

@averykings You would have to put plastic covers on all of the furniture and rugs and carpet would probably not be practical.


There must be more to this. You can't live without skin.

She seems to think she can


Let's just say there wouldn't be much holding her together! lol πŸ˜‚

She’d just be a puddle of goo

@averykings Exactly! Sounds like some Superhero gone wrong.

@RavenCT It does hahah


Uh, BLOODY right!

I just laughed awkwardly haha


She been in the pot brownies?

1of5 Level 8 Dec 20, 2019

I definitely think so

@averykings I like her already


WTF kind of question is that? lol

Ikr! I just nodded and smiled lol

The kind that gets you in relationship trouble if you don't answer it right! rofl

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